The Morning Harvest (Explicit)

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Killian stood looking out the window freshly awake in the morning and saw his queen harvesting apples from her apple tree. He rushed downstairs from her manor and and met with her outside.

Killian held Regina from the back and firmly embraced her. "I see you're wide awake." She said smiling turning around putting her arms around the pirate and gave him a long kiss. "The apple of my eye..." He said plucking out an apple. "Picking apples. It feels poetic." He said kissing her neck as she giggled flirtatiously.

She wanted him so bad. The warmth of his breath enticed her. She felt goosebumps. HE wanted her so bad. Just seeing her sweaty from harvesting made him excited. As they hugged she unscrewed Killian's hook and started walking away.

"Where do you think you are going?" Killian said walking towards her. "Catch me to find out!" Regina said as they rushed into the manor. He pinned her against the wall and started intensely sucking lips. She bit his lips and dragged him up the stairs.

The two felt their hearts racing as Killian took of her shirt. She collapsed on her bed and he kissed her stomach as she trembled, begging for more. He unzipped her pants as she took it off for him. "Getting anxious?" He asked. "Why are you waiting for Captain? Scared?" She asked as he interrupted her by sucking on her thigh. He was close, he took off her panties and started sucking on her womanhood.

She bit her sheets. Holding in her screams gripped tightly to his hair and started thrusting into his face. She spewed out and he enjoyed every bit. She then took him and pushed him to the bed.

He took off his pants. "Look who's anxious now." She said smiling as she removed his undergarments and took him in her mouth.
He in return bit the sheets and gripped tightly. She then stopped. She grabbed him with his hook and brought him closer to her face. "Let's cast anchor Captain." She said laughing seductively.

Killian grabbed the back of her head and said, "don't leave me begging." As the two thrusted on top of each other. The two were teeming with sweat. The two continued gyrating and kissed each other passionately.

They climaxed and Regina rested on top of the pirate. Since it was a Tuesday the two needed to head to work. "You have to get ready for work Captain." She said teasing him. "Let's clean ourselves first mi'lady." He said. "Are you suggesting?" Regina asked. Killian gave a sure smile as the two stripped and ran towards the shower and made passionate love.

The two washed each other and got out as Killian dried off and got dressed. Regina, still naked, gestured with her finger for the pirate to come closer. Chest-to-chest Regina said "you are forgetting something." She then took his hand ready for his hook to be in place. "Till next time my love." Killian said as he kissed her. "Tonight we meet at The Rabbit Hole." She said. Killian saluted in agreement and left to the docks with Smee. There his day as a fisherman began as Regina got dressed and went to her office and started signing documents. Regina holding a finger to her lips remembering what the Captain tasted like.

She smiled and clicked her pen.

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