Chapter 30

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Matt and I walked slowly into the house wherein my father and his mother now resided. We were both shaking, eager to find out who exactly it was that wanted to talk to him.

Worst case scenario, it was the police. And I had a bad habit of being pessimistic.

Matt glanced back and shot me an apologetic look. Really, it was my entire fault. I was the one who had dragged him into my close group of friends. I was the one who had persuaded him not to call my mom. I was the one responsible for most things.

I walked behind him, slowing down even more as he entered the living room first. All I wanted to do was run upstairs and lock myself away.

If it was the police, because of me, Brian and Matt could be going to jail.

Matt said nothing as he walked in, and I grew curious because whoever it was didn’t reply either.

Overwhelmed with fear, I could feel my eyes begin to well up with tears. I was treating it as a big deal, which meant that there was obviously something for me to lose.

Josh cornered me before I too could enter the room.

“Where did you go last night?” he asked me, worriedly. “We were all terrified that something had happened to you. Dad called the police.”

“Dad did what?” I shouted at him, angry that my dad could have done something like that. I began to worry that the people talking to Matt may have not been inquiring about Vicki and Brian.

“He called the cops, Charlotte. This morning they were able to classify you as missing, and so they went to search Jenna’s house. They weren’t there. No one was.”

My tears began to flow freely. I couldn’t believe this was happening. We hadn’t even been together for twenty four hours and already he was probably going to jail.

“They decided to search all the hospitals in the area, for an unidentified girl who could be you. Instead, they found a girl and two drunken idiots whose house they earlier visited in search for you.”

“It was dad that got the cops involved in our business?” I sobbed. I couldn’t believe it.

II mean, of course he wouldn’t have known. But he had no idea what he had just done.

“What time was ‘this morning’ exactly?” I asked. Hopefully, it had been early. That meant they would be the only police involved.

“About half one in the morning,” he told me, and I felt completely relieved.

“Is that who are talking to Matt now?” I added to my questions.

Joshua shook his head. “Nope, they didn’t bring you and Matt into it, but they knew you’d be involved so they came here.”

“Who is they, Joshua?” I asked in confusion now, rather than fear. I had actually no idea who it could have been.

“Just go in and see for yourself” he sighed, before brushing past me and running upstairs.

I composed myself before entering the room. It took a great deal of willpower to push myself to open the door. I was beyond nervous.

I reached out reluctantly, and opened it slowly.

As I did, the room went silent and whoever had been talking stopped immediately.

I moved my heard around the corner, slowly, forcing myself to look up and meet the eyes of whoever was sitting in my dad’s living room. I had to act normal.

I felt instantaneously better once I saw who it actually was – although I actually had no idea who they were.

At least they weren’t the police.

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