Banished By My Mate Damon Jr and Serenity chapter 1

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Banished By My Mate Damon Jr and Serenity chapter 1

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I got home around ten p.m. I was exhausted. I don't know how he could keep going for hours. I had to beg him to let me come home, luckily my dad was at a bar so I was OK tonight. I took a shower thinking about Damon. I sighed, at least I knew why he hated me so much.


“Wow that was great.” He said while breathing hard.

“Yeah.” I said agreeing not wanting to piss him off. I'm sore and tired with a constant knot in my stomach from being so nervous. I've been here for two hours already and I can tell that he has a bad temper.

"Go to the kitchen and get me something to drink.” He said rudely. I am not a maid.


“You heard me now go.” Has he ever heard the word please? I sat up looking for my shirt with one hand and holding the blanket with other while searching the floor. Just a few more inches, my arms were too short and I flew off of the bed. My cheeks were flaming. This is so embarrassing and he just sat there laughing.

“You're such a loser.” I did my best attempt at an angry face but he just laughed again.

“You don't scare me babe. You couldn't even hurt a fly. Now get off the floor and get me something to drink, there's no need to get dressed because I'm not done with you.”

I wrapped the sheet around my body and went and got his water. I was tempted to do something horrible to it but I didn't, I wasn't that kind of person.

"What's taking you so long? Chop chop! I'm dying of thirst in here!”

I hurried to the room almost tripping over the sheet, thank God there was a stand in the hallway. I handed him the glass he didn't even say thank you.

“So what's your name?” He asked. You've got to be kidding me! He didn't even know my name.


“That's a pretty name.”

“Thank you.”

"Too bad its being used by someone as hideous as you.” There it is, I knew he couldn't be nice for long.

“Do hear that?” I didn't hear anything the boy was going crazy.

“Shit! Stay in here and lock the door, don't come out and don't make a noise until I tell you to.”

“Wh-What's going on is something wrong? Please don't leave me here alone.”

“You'll be fine.”

“What about you?”

“I'm not worried.”

“Are there rogues? They could kill you.” I asked and he laughed.

“No stupid, my friends are here I don't want them finding out about us.”

“You're that ashamed of me?” I whispered with tears in my eyes. Why the hell did I have to be so weak. He sighed scratching his head.

“Look don't cry. I'll be right back.” He left and I locked the door like he said. It's times like this that I wish my mom was here she always made me feel better. She would hug me and say that everything would be fine and I would believe her. Somehow I had a feeling that this time everything wouldn't be OK.

I stood at the door listening to him and his friends. I knew it was rude to eves drop but I was curious.

“Dude who's back there? We've been calling your name for like 5 minutes.”

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