Your His Sister? (Harry Potter story)

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A/N- HEYY!!! I'm going through this book to edit it and STUFF, soooo.... thanks ;)

My family is large, I have five brothers and a sister. I have flaming red hair, pale skin and green eyes. My mother, Molly, has seven mouths to feed, my three older brothers, Percy, Fred, George. Ron is my twin, he and I are just ready to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It will be our first year. All of my family has been in Gryffindor so Ron and I are excited to be sorted.

The morning of the day we are going to Diagon Alley, Fred and I decided to prank Ron and George. Fred walked into the kitchen with me early this morning when Mum was making breakfast. "Mum," I said. "Yes dear?" I smiled inside. "Can you help me find my robes? I seemed to have lost them somewhere." She laughed and said, "Just like Fred here, he lost his clothes on the first day. we had to send him a new set." We walked up the stairs, I knew just what would happen, Fred would put a firecracker that he made into Ron and George's flapjacks. Then it would explode, it wouldnt hurt them, but it would surprise them.

When we got to my floor on the fifth floor across from Ron's she gasped, "Victoria, you need to keep your room clean!" she waved her wand and my clothes that were all over the floor were packed into my trunk and some flew into my closet. My robes, which I expertly stashed under my bed were covered in dust and crumpled up. They flew into my trunk and it snapped shut.

We went down to breakfast and I saw that the food was already set. When I sat down I smiled at Fred and he grinned back. I suddenly saw smoke rising from my plate. I peeled back my food and saw the firework. Then it set off. It flew towards my face, burning the right side of my face. I stood up with small tears sliding my right side, "What was that? Why did you do that? It wasnt supposed to be ME!" I turned around and went up to my room slaming the door and screaming louder than the ghoul that lived above me.

I turned and kicked my turnk with my steel-toed boot and turned to look at my pet, a common garden snake, Vipera, I had her since the beginning of summer, she was pretty large for a garden snake, almost three feet long, she was my pet and I loved her.  I watched as it got later and heard, "Victoria," Ginny said through the door, "time to go." I got up and walked down the stairs with her then to the fireplace, the boys had gone and then it was our turn. I took the Floo powder and said, "Diagon Alley." almost silently. A green fire rose up around me and I was suddenly in Diagon Alley. I took off to Ollivander's wand shop without my family. I walked in and he said, "Ahhh. Another Weasley, lets try this." he gave me a wand and I flicked it and the nearest book shelf blew up. He handed me another, taking the one I had. I flicked it and the flowers came out. "Ah. A unicorn hair core and willow outer, fourteen inches." I took the wand and thanked him.

I walked out of the store then to Florish&Blotts to buy my books. I had bought them all with money I had earned and found since I could recognize money. I put the books in my bag and walked out to see Fred and George snickering at me. "What? You think this morning was funny? Did you enjoy the 'joke' you played on me?" I dropped my bag and walked straight up to them, "Yeah, realy fun. you... you... Blood Traitors!" I turned and grabbed my bag and walked away.

I walked into the Quidditch store and to the back where no one was. I sat down on the ground between isles and saw a man with long blond hair and dressed in black walk by the isle. I saw a boy with the same blond hair and black clothes, just like the boy. He just happened to look down the isle when I stood up. "Hey, are you ok?" he asked, walking down the isle. I said, "Yeah, just a slight problem with my family. You are going to Hogwarts right?" He grinned and said, "Yes, all my family was in Slytherin, we are pure bloods. Draco Malfoy." I smiled too and said, "Pure blood, Victoria. I don't want to use my name, they are blood traitors I hate Muggles. I hate my family, except my little sister. All my family was in Gryffindor, but I don't want to be with them now."