HANBIN✖Arranged Marriage

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"I won't. It's winter and it's sooo cold if I'll sleep at the living room." He closed his eyes, pretending to sleep. I sat near him and poked him.

"Ouch. What's that for?"

"Get out of the bed. I'll sleep now. Just wear a sweater and go outside."

"Aish. Whatever." He gets his pillow and blanket and went outside the sliding door.

"Yes! The bed is mine!" I hugged the bed and laid down.

"Goodnight ______! Sweet dreams!" He shouted from the living room.

"Shut up Hanbin!" I replied. My lips turned into a smile. As I realized that I was smiling, I slapped myself slightly.

"Why am I smiling? I guess I'm just tired." I closed my eyes and slept.


I stretched my arms as I sat down my bed.

"Aahhh. First day with him. Damn it." I brushed my hair and wear a sweater then I went outside the bedroom.

I glanced at the sofa and saw Hanbin covered with blanket from all over his body.

"Hey Hanbin, wake up. It's already 6:30 in the morning." I looked at him closely. His face was kinda red. I touched his forehead and he was so hot.

"You have a high fever." He sniffed while his eyes were still closed.

"You also catched colds. Wait for me here." I rushed towards the kitchen and grabbed a towel, basin with cold water and medicine.

I went back to him again and removed his blanket covering his body.

I wiped the wet towel through his face down his neck. After that, I went to the bedroom and find some extra sweater for him.

"Wooh I can do this." I took a deep breath and removed his shirt. He's still shrugging. I immediately wore him his sweater and covered him with blanket again.

I folded the towel into half and placed it in his forehead. I grabbed the glass of water and medicine.

"Drink this first." He opened his eyes and sat slowly, then laid down again, facing my direction.

"Thank you ______. I'm sorry for bothering you." He said with his eyes still closed.

"Don't say sorry. It's not your fault that you caught colds and fever. It's me." I placed my forehead on the couch while I'm sitting on the floor facing him.

"Sshh. Atleast you had a sweet night. Cause you owned the bed." He giggled as well as me.

"Rest yourself. I'll just stay here by your side." I said then he gave me a sincere smile.

Instead of leaving him like this because I hate him, why am I taking care of him? I didn't know that I have concerns for this dork.

I reached out his hand. Then I froze, realizing what I'd done. I felt my face turned red. I snatched my hand back. Not because I catched his colds but because of the flutter I am feeling right now.

I just found myself sleeping beside him while sitting.


"Good morning again." He said in front of my face as I open my eyes. I quickly stood up and fixed my shirt.

"A-Are you okay now? What time is it?" I stuttered.

"I'm super fine. It's already 11:00 in the morning. Thanks for taking care of me. I owe you my health." He chuckled same as me.

"I slept so long huh. Well, don't mention it. I'm starving." I held my stomach.

"Oh, I cooked lunch for us." He walked to the kitchen. I followed him.

As I visited the dining table, I smelled the aroma of bacons and scarmbled eggs.

"I didn't know you can cook Hanbin." I get my spoon and fork then sat down the chair.

"I can. Remember that time when we were still in highschool? During the cooking class... I am Mr. Rein's fave because my recipe's are his favorite. And he said yours was the worst. Hahaha!" I gave him an evil glare.

"Stop bringing back those times. I hate them all." He sat on the table facing and grabbed some bacon too.

"Let's change the topic." He sighed with hesitant.

"About our arranged marriage..." He paused for a moment. I just looked at the food I'm eating as I wait for him to continue.

"You know what, I didn't complained when my parents told me about that." I looked at him in slow motion.


"Cause in the first place, I already like you. Since before. When we were highschool." He can't look at me while he's saying those words to me.

"Y-You do?" I slid my eyes on him.

"Yes. I like you. And it never changed."

"But why? I mean, since we met, I'm always yelling at you, I'm naggy, demanding... But why me?"

"Because my heart chose you. Just the way you are. I don't care how shitty you treat me. Cause all I know is that... I like you." Hanbin's words came out surprisingly sharp. Making me think twice.

"So it's me who's indenial." I confessed with a low tone.


"I like you too since we're highschool. I thought I'm just feeling weird and insane. That's why I didn't show neither tell anyone about this feeling I have for you." Silence occured here in the kitchen.

"We're mutual. You're face is already blushing. So cute." His dimples came out as he smiled at me.

"I really really really hate you Kim Hanbin." I pouted.

"I really really really love you too ______." He winked at me in a sexy way. I even blushed more.

"So, let's just agree about that Arranged Marriage?" He asked.

"Why not?" I smiled back at him. We stood up and hugged each other.

"You already smell bad. Go take a bath ______." I punched his chest playfully.

"I'll kill you Hanbin." I said and gave him a kiss on the cheeks. Then both of our faces turned red.


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