HANBIN✖Arranged Marriage

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"No dad! Mom! I will never marry that guy! Never ever!" I shouted without politeness. I ran upstairs, opening my door and dragged it.

They will never understand me. Why are they forcing me to marry a guy I don't like? Is it about Hanbin's parent's business partnership with them? Duh! It's just money. They all look like money.

I dugged my face on my pillow. Sobbing but not bursting into tears. I don't want to cry and I don't want them to see me crying. I'm a strong perosn. Not a crying baby.

I grabbed my phone and called mh bestfriend


Farah: Uh oh. A big chaos is coming. It's destiny you know. What if you and Hanbin is destined for ea---

Me: Stop that destiny thingy Farah. You're not funny anymore. I don't like Hanbin. My standards are too high for a low-class guy like him

Farah: Wow, Hanbin is a low-class guy, what a big word. I remember you talking about him that if it's not because of their family, you're poor right now

Me: I don't care if I became poor... I mean I care... I mean... Ugh fudge! My life sucks.

Farah: Good luck to your upcoming wedding ______ haha mwah!

Then she ended the call. I squealed and quarreled alone here in my room. I threw my pillows everywhere.

"I will never belong to Hanbin. Never!"


"Our room's so beautiful." Hanbin scanned the room. I just rolled my eyes, carrying my luggage. Dad said we'll stay here for two weeks. Like what the heck? I can't live with this dork for some weeks!

I glanced at him. He was lying on the couch with his feet up.

"Don't be such a boss here. We're both living in this condominium." I slapped his feet.

"I know. Why are you so strict? Geez. What if I'm already your husband? Oh no." He muttered. I sat on the other couch with my phone.

"Cause I need to. And I know that you're acting like a child. I'm the one who's complaining right now not you. Cause I'm living with a kid." He looked at me, seriously. I can see him looking on my peripheral vision. When I moved my eyeballs looking at him, he glanced away and whistled.

"I just realized that you're ugly hahaha!" He laughed while stomping his feet on the couch. I grabbed my pillow and threw it at him.

"And I just realized that you're not handsome. Bleh!" I sticked my tongue out. Trying to tease him.

He stood up, walking towards me. I raised my hand up.

"Don't! You dare walk near me." I said, widening my eyes.

"As if I'm going towards you." He smirked and passed by me, going to the kitchen. I left hanging.

"I hate you Kim Hanbin!" I muttered.


I entered the only bedroom here at our unit. Dad really wants me to suffer with this dork.

"Hey, what are you doing there? You'll sleep in the couch Hanbin." I leaned on the door with crossed arms. He was now lying on the bed while hugging another pillow.

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