First day of school

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  I startled awake as something heavy fell onto my chest, knocking all the air out of my lungs. As soon as the weight lifted I sat up beginning to gasp for air and the laughter of my best friend Lucas filled the room. For as long as I can remember jumping on me had been his favourite method of waking me up.
"Moron" I glared as I threw my pillow at him "What's so important you had to jump on me for anyway?" I questioned.
He shook his head and gave a sigh as he sat on the end of my bed "You're so disorganised, Riley. School starts today. Good bye holidays and hello hell" He responded.
"You belong there, Lucifer" I joked.
"Anyway you have less than an hour to get ready" he smirked. Only now did I notice he was showered, dressed and had his hair flawlessly styled.
"Are you serious? Get out of my room!" I shouted as I practically jumped out of bed. Almost falling over the blanket that had tangled itself around my feet.
"No way, you go for a shower. I'm choosing your outfit" He informed.
I rolled my eyes and groaned "You better choose a nice one" I told him. I made my way to the en-suite after making a detour to my underwear draw.
"I'm gay remember which means I have impeccable taste in clothes. But more importantly I'm your best friend. I know your style, Ri" He giggled.
When I got out of the shower Luke had left the room and had set out an outfit on my bed, a unicorn top, black skinny jeans and some black boots. I quickly got changed then blow dried my brown and purple hair then brushed it into a pony tail and slightly styled my fringe before moving onto my makeup which was fairly simple and not over the top, it took 5 minutes to complete.
I grabbed my hello kitty backpack from its hook and practically run down stairs. When I reached the kitchen Dad and Luke both glanced at the clock and then without a word Dad opened his wallet, pulled out a ten dollar note and handed it to Luke who looked quite pleased.
"You two have got to stop taking bets on how long it will take me to get ready. Especially when Luke puts more effort into looking pretty than I do" I said as I reached across the bench and messed up Luke's hair.
He slapped my hand away and glared at me before running to the closest mirror to fix his hair.
"I'll give you a lift to school, you're going to be late as is" Dad offered.
Even with the lift from Dad we were 5 minutes late but as usual our friends had waited for us near the school entrance. After going to the lockers we spit up into our classes. I had Math with Sam and Elise. We slowly made our way to class, taking the smallest steps possible.
"How did I know you would be late today?" Elise smirked.
"It was Luke's fault. He didn't wake me up until like 45 minutes ago" I defended.
"Sure, blame my boyfriend" Sam laughed as he opened our class room door.
"Nice of you to join us. Class started 10 minutes ago" our teacher Ms Wilson addressed us in her usual grumpy tone.
"Uh yea we know" I rolled my eyes. It sounded rude but we needed detention plus I believe in treating others how you want to be treated... or how they treat you.
"Riley was the late one, but we waited for her because the more of us there are the easier it is to bear this boring class" Sam shrugged.
"Samuel do you want me to give you detention?" She asked. As if it weren't obvious.
"He's just starting a fact, Ms. This class is boring as shit" Elise pitched in.
"That's it. Detention for the three of you all day" Ms Wilson ordered.
We just shrugged and gave one another a grin before making our way to the back of the classroom where we pushed two tables together so we could all sit together. As usual we spent the rest of the class talking among ourselves and taking notes.
After Math Elise, Amy and I had psychology which was actually one of my favourite classes apart for the fact that our biggest bully Shakira was in it along with her minion Mia. The teacher wasn't actually that bad even if he did take the popular kids side in our arguments which actually meant we got detention and they didn't which was fine by us.
"Hey Mr Conner's just making a reservation for detention all day tomorrow for three" I told him as I handed in the holiday homework.
"I was kind of hoping for a fight free class" He sighed.
"Sorry but we all know that's impossible when it involves our group and Shakira being in a class" I shrugged.
He gave a slight nod and behind his act I could tell he was amused "Well thanks for the heads up, Riley. The three of you can collect your detention slips after class".
Like in all classes we sat up the back but that meant sitting behind Shakira and Mia in this class.
"Have you seen the new teacher? Talk about Fine! I'm going to need a lot of private tutoring" Shakira gushed.
"I just had him for English and I totally agree" Mia nodded.
"Keyword being teacher" I said under my breath to Elise and Amy.
"Oh shut up you freak!" Shakira snapped as she turned to look at me.
"Just pointing it out" I smirked.
"You're just jealous that I'd have a chance with someone as attractive as him. You emo faggot!" She turned back to her work.
A smile grew on my face, it was so easy to get under her skin.
"I think you have us confused, Honey. I'm the lesbian not Riley" Amy corrected.
"As if I give a shit" Shakira scoffed.
"Why do I always find it such a turn on when you're cruel?" Amy replied, as if she were asking herself the question.
Shakira's face was so priceless that the three of us cracked up. Eventually she managed to choke out "I'm not a lesbian. Even if I was I'd never go out with you".
"As if I'd actually like you Shakira. You're nothing but a fake bitch who belittles others to feel better about yourself" Amy announced
"You're such a bitch, Amy" Mia said.
Amy responded with a "woof, woof".
When I was sure that Shakira and Mia weren't listening to us anymore I turned to Amy "I owe you one".
"It's no problem, Ri" she smiled.
"This is why we love you" Elise stated.
"Aww come on. We all know you guys made me this awesome" Amy blushed.  

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