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It was a Thursday night when Leah called Amélie. She had news to tell her best friend she couldn't wait to share; only, she knew she couldn't reveal it over the phone. Amélie was one of those old fashioned types. She hated just about anything to do with technology, and it had taken almost three years of continual pleading just to convince her to buy herself a mobile at all. And Leah had to admit for once that the news she had to share wouldn't be half as enjoyable if she weren't there to do it in person.

So Leah called Amélie on a Thursday night, oblivious to the fact that she was about to turn her friends world upside down.

The phone rang several times before Amélie answered, sounding dazed and slightly concerned. "Leah? What's going on? Is everything okay?"

"Yes it's me, who else would it be? Although now that you mention it..." Leah had to stop herself from spilling the beans right there and then. God knows she wanted to. Smiling into the receiver, she took a deep breath and quickly steered the conversation back to safer grounds. "Nothings wrong. Did I wake you?"

The line remained silent for a long moment, after which Amélie responded with a small yawn, "You did, actually." Amélie didn't remember what the dream she had been having was about, but she knew it had been good. Her friend had better have a good excuse for disturbing her from it, and for causing her to almost break her neck as she tripped and nearly fell flat on her face trying to get from her bed to her buzzing phone, which had been on charge on the bookshelf on the opposite side of her bedroom.

"What is it, ten o'clock over there or something?" Leah continued, oblivious to Amélie's struggles. "You're turning into such a nanny these days." Leah glanced up to her own clock out of idle curiosity as she spoke, and her eyes widened. Was it really midnight already? Time seemed to have flown by today, although she had been having the time of her life, so she supposed it wasn't all that unusual. "Actually," she continued bashfully, "never mind. I just checked the time myself... Oops?"

Amélie was not impressed. It was almost two-o'clock in the morning her time, and even Leah knew that a tired Amélie was a grumpy Amélie. "What do you want, Leah?" She said neutrally, dragging her feet back across to her bed and flopping down onto the mattress. Eyes falling shut, she almost instantly began to drift back to sleep, only half listening as Leah began to gush a seemingly endless stream of words into her ear.

"I have big news. And I mean really, really big. I can't tell you over the phone though. It needs to be said face to face. Amélie, you're going to be so surprised. I still have to pinch myself just thinking about it. It's almost too good to be true, it really is. Anyway, I should get to the point, shouldn't I? I've booked flights to come visit. I hope you haven't made any plans this weekend, because I'll be there tomorrow night. Surprise!"

Amélie's eyes snapped open, and she stared in shock up at the ceiling. Had Leah just told her she was coming to visit her... tomorrow? "Leah," she began, "I think I misheard. Did you just say-"

"-That I'm coming to visit?" Leah finished, unable to keep quiet it seemed. "Yep. I sure did. Tomorrow. Actually, I suppose it's today now, isn't it? My flight lands at four, so you've got the day to get your place ready for guests. Well, that's all. I've got to get going now, hun. I've got so much to do you can't even imagine. Nighty night, see you in seventeen-ish hours!"

And the line went dead.

"Hello? Leah? ....Anyone?" Amélie held the phone to her ear and listened to the flat beeping sound of the cut connection for a moment before lifting it away from her ear and staring blankly at the brightly lit screen, which read in bold numbers, "01.55."

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