Prologue (Revised)

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His Name? Mr. Suave

Created by: CameoLover93


. . .

"There is a fine line between being confident and being cocky. Having confidence can bring you many things; while, cockiness can cause you to lose many things." -Unknown

.  .  .  .

I had just gathered up my things and was on my way out of the office to head home when I get stopped by one of my coworkers, Tamela Neely. I sigh in frustration as she calls out to me.

I turn around hesitantly and glare at her in bewilderment as she begins to run towards me at the exit. My reaction is mostly due to the fact that we've never uttered more than ten words to each other ever since I started working here about six months ago. I'm truly perplexed as to what it might be that she wants from me tonight.

"Thank you for stopping, Natalia," Tamela says in a breathless tone once she finally reaches me. I can't help but pity the older woman. Maybe I should have at least met her halfway or something. "Wow, you're a fast walker. I didn't think I'd catch up to you in time."

"What can I do for you, Tamela?" I force myself to smile while trying to ignore how annoyed I am because what I want to do is walk out of here and go home, but instead I'm still standing in the lobby of this damned place, talking to a coworker that's practically a stranger to me. "You were running over here like the building was on fire. Something wrong?"

"No. And it's not me that needs you; rather, it's Mr. Knight," Tamela replies, causing my heart rate to accelerate after hearing his name. Not even his first name, but his last name. Christ, how much more pathetic can I get when it comes to this man? "He stopped me as I was getting ready to leave and he asked me if you were still around. I told him that you had just left for the night, but I figured I could catch up to you, so I told him to hold on while I tried. Anyway, long story short, he wants to see you in his office."

"Now?" I ask her, feeling anxious.

"Right now." She nods.

Damn it!

I don't have time for his shit tonight. I'm in a rush to get home; I want to sleep this headache, plus it's starting to get even darker outside and I hate driving at night. I really don't have time to waste being stuck here any longer than what I need to be, and especially if I'm not getting paid for it. And even more so if I have to be stuck here alone...with him.

God help me if you're listening.

"If it's any consolation, he sounded pretty calm while he was speaking to me," Tamela says, but I'm too busy being distracted with impure thoughts of my boss to pay her any more attention. "Whatever he wants to talk to you about, I don't think it's anything bad."

"Let's hope that it's not," I mutter while I speedily try to weigh my options: I can leave right now and tell him some bullshit lie tomorrow morning for as to why I didn't go back to speak with him. Or, I can lie and tell him that I never ran into Tamela, so when he pulls me aside tomorrow to ask me what happened - which I know he will - I can say that I never got her message that he wanted to talk to me... then again, I know what type of man he is, so I know that he'll more than likely never fall for any of that shit.

He'll see right through my lies, so who am I really kidding here?

Roman Knight is the epitome of relentless. He'll get to me, or he'll get me to come to him in one way or another. There's no hiding, ducking, dodging, or running away from that man. I know this because I've tried all options many, many times before in the past. He's like a boomerang; no matter how far you throw him, he'll come flying right back, and I swear I've never come across a man that was so damn committed to the cause as much as he is.

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