Upleadon: the sheriff's particulars of account for 1308-9

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The 'particulars of account' for Upleadon (just outside the village of Bosbury in Herefordshire) survive in two manuscripts in the National Archives of the U.K., numbered E 199/18/4 and E 199/18/5. I am very grateful to  of the Victoria County History for drawing the existence of the first of these to my attention.

Large sections of text in this account has been deleted. To indicate these deletions I have inserted X at the start and end of the deleted sections.

TNA E 199/18/4

10th January 1308–29 September 1308

Walter of Hakelut, sheriff of Hereford, submits his account for the manor of Upleadon, Weds 10th January 1308–29 September 1308.

One roll, comprising two membranes sewn together along the short edge.


8A 673

Sheriffs' Accounts 33/7; E199/18/4; 1–2 Ed 2; W. 11. 2423

Compotus Walteri Haklut Vicecomitis Hereford de manerio de Upledene A\o/ R. R. E. p[ri]mo & secondo.


Compotus Walt[er]i Haketut' vic' He[re]ford' de Maner[io] de Upledene a die Mercur[ij]

P[ro]xim\a/ post festu[m] E[pi]ph[an]ie d[omi]ni Anno R[egni] R[egis] E[dwardi] p[ri]mo usq[ue] \i[n] C[r]\a/stinu[m]/ S[anc]ti Mich[ael]is Anno eiusd[e]m E[dwardi] secundo.

\Redd' ass'// {1}Item r[espondet] de lxx s iij d rec' de redd' lib'e' tenent' de t[er]minis Annu[n]t[iationis] be[ate] Mar[ie] s[anc]ti Joh[ann]is Bap[is]te + s[anc]ti Mich[ael]is. Et scient' q[uo]d t[erm]inu[m] s[anc]ti Andr' ante tempus capc[i]o[n]is fr[atr]um ibidem val xv s J d ob vn[de?] nichil recepit. Et \de/ liiij s iiij d ob q[u]\a/' rec' de t[er]cio Redd' Custumar' p[er] idem tempus ad p[re]d[ic]tos  t[er]minos.


\Op[er]a custumar// Et de xix li xv s iij de ob rec' de op[er]ib[us] averag' arurur\a/ + fossat' Custumar' p[er] idem tempus

videl[ice]t de p[re]d[ic]tis iij t[ermin]is ut p[er] iij q[u]\a/rt' anni.{3}


\Firma Molend'// Et de xx s rec' de firma uni[us] Molend' aquatici ibid[em]. S[u]m\a/

\Exit' colu[m]bar' + gardini// Et de iij s rec' de exitu Colu[m]bar' ibidem p[er] ide[m] tempus. Et de h[er]bagio gardini nichil hoc anno quia

av[er]ia illud commderu[n]t. Et de vj s rec' de fructib[us] gardini + no[n] plus quia fructus hoc anno defecer[un]t

undiq[ue]. Et de xx s rec' de feno ventito.{4} S[u]m\a/

\Pl[ac]it is + p[er]quis'// Et de xxvij s vj d rec' de pl[ac]it is + p[er]quis' Cur[ie] p[er] ide[m] te[m]p[us. S[u]m\a/

\Vend' sysare//. Et de xx s rec' de iiij doleis sysare{5} vend' rec' p[er] indent[uram]. S[u]m\a/

\Vend' Lacte// Et de xiiij s rec' de Lacte vij vacc' posit' ad firma[m]. S[u]m\a/

\Vend' staur'// Et de Liij s iiij d rec' de uno equo vend'. Et de xx s rec' de uno alio equo vend.'. Et de Lxvj s

viij d rec' de uno pullano vend'. Et de x s vj d rec' de vij porc' p[ro]pt[er] infirmitate[m] q[uia] Lep[ro]si fueru[n]t.{6}

Et de ij d rec' de coreo uni[us] vituli vend'. Et de xl s rec' de xv Bacon' vend'. Et de vj s viij d

Rec' de Carcos' uni[us] bou[is] vend'. Et ij s viij d rec' de Carcos' iiij multon' vend.'


\S[u]m\a/ usq[ue] huc xlj li x s v d q[u]\a/'{7}

\Vend' fr[ument]i// Et de viij li ij s vij d ob' rec' de xl q[u]\a/r' v buss' \j pek'/ fr[ument]i vend' p[re]c' q[u]\a/r' iiij s. Et de ix li ix s rec' de

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