5.6. Illegitimate

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Chapter 5.6


"what do think can be the reason behind that? Hussain" Gul asked, a thoughtful frown spread over her forehead as I looked down at her for a moment before looking back to my sandwich.

"I think he is a gay himself" I suggested, I could sense her head spun into my direction.

"Obama of course, passing such a law only makes him a gay" I explained and Gul groaned.

"I wasn't talking about Obama" she snapped.

"Oh! Then may be it's her beauty that really attracts his attention otherwise why would he marry her all of a sudden? and now again such a sudden divorce step. He is confused about life, seriously" gorging down the bite I threw another statement casually.

"And who exactly your Highness is talking about this time?" she asked, clearly irritated and I looked at her.

"Reham and Imran of course" I innocently replied making her eyebrow shot up as she glared at my face.

"What? You weren't talking about them either?" I asked furrowing my eyebrows and she gritted her teeth, I held my chuckle looking at her fucked up expressions.

"Do I really care about the goddamn Obama and that idiot Rehma and Imran divorce?" she asked pretending cool but I knew she was fuming. "I was talking about Aleena and Ibraheem" she added irritated and I rolled my eyes looking back at my half left sandwich.

"What about them?"

"Why would Aleena take the case back? What has happened that made her took a u turn at the 11th hour?" she asked.

"She is here ask yourself, Miss FBI!!!" I gestured ahead and she looked into the direction finding Aleena, holding her food tray looking around in the café as if was trying to find a seat for herself.

But Gul's arm was half in the air for a wave at her when a group or rather I say I gang of most notorious students stepped in the café, they looked at Aleena and a few of them passed some sarcastic remarks, Aleena was about to walk ahead ignoring them when they slowly but swiftly encircled her.

"I swear they are sick asses" Gul cursed shaking her head.

Aleena seemed a brave, confident and quite an upright girl but I didn't blame her looking at her slightly trembling hands which were firmly clutching the sides of the tray as she looked at the boys smirking at her.

"Hussain! Do something" Gul nudged over my arm and I yanked it off her grip.

"What can I do girl! and seriously if she wants to stay here in peace she has to fight for herself on her own" I stated rolling my eyes.

"Get off me" Aleena's voice made us both looked into her direction, she tried to walk out of their circle but they were five and she was just one, one small girl and on the top a hijabi, who unfortunately becomes the target everytime.

I could see her face turned into the matching shade of her crimson hijab as she glared at the boys standing in front of her. Gul was about to get up when I held her arm and yanked her back on the seat.

"But Hussain...

"Shut up! and keep your bottom here" I snapped making her shut her mouth.

"Oh come on Juliet! Don't be such a spoil sport" a boy smirked looking at her face as he slowly moved into the circle around her.

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