Chapter 1 : Meeting Mark

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I ran and ran as fast as I could, not taking a glimpse on what is coming behind me. I look down at my leg as the pain stabs sharper, agony tingling in my spine. My stepdad, completely undeserving of that title, Ben, got drunk as he always did and smashed a bottle over my leg, as well slicing my arm with a shard of glass, multiple bruises and lacerations to my body and a cut deep across my eyebrow, which I held to prevent the blood threatening to drop into my eye. I knew that I had to get out of there, even though he had beaten me one thousand times, that was the line crosser. Suddenly I hear the dog, Max, barking behind me.

'No, no, this can't be happening'

Max is a former police dog, there is no chance he won't find me. He runs up close behind me and barks, yet it is not at all aggressive. It was a friendly one. Ben beats him too.

'I knew he preferred me. Ha. Cop that Ben. Winning for once'

"Hey Maxi" I whisper, stroking him. I heard Ben's outraged screaming in the distance. I restart my desperate run, Max running beside me. I turn my head to see Ben closing in, and my panic made me run as hard as I ever thought I could. Suddenly, I bump into someone, and go flying onto the concrete.

"Oh my goodness! Are you okay?! I am so sorry!" The voice exclaimed. I examined the person carefully. I recognised him, but the adrenaline had sent me into shock. Without saying another word, I jumped up and hid behind him. "Hey what's wrong?" He whispered. I pointed my trembling hand at Ben.

"COME HERE YOU LITTLE RAT!" He hisses at me. Max snarls lowly.

"Hey, leave her alone!" The man frowned, holding my hand behind his back.

"STAY OUT OF THIS" Ben hissed once more.

"Do you know what? No. I see a girl who needs help and obviously doesn't want to come back with you" The man replied confidently.

"I despise people like you. But if you want the worthless b!tch, you can have her. Watch your back girl" Ben growled, pointing an aggressive finger at me and turning around. "Come on Max!" He snapped aggressively. Max barked loudly. "Great, two traitors!" Ben hissed again. He turned back and walked off, kicking a rock out of his way violently. I fell to the ground in a shaky panic and passed out.

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