Chapter 1: Foster Care - Part 1

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The putrid odor of stale cigarettes and cheap vodka quickly invaded my nostrils as the front door slammed open. Slow, dragging footsteps stumbled down the hallway towards my room. I quickly hid under my bed, singing silently, my defense mechanism towards what I knew was definitely inevitable. The door to my room busted open and I whimpered slightly as I watched the footsteps pacing my room, undoubtedly trying to figure out why I was not in my bed.

"Jay, come out, come out wherever you are!" his gruff slurred voice whispered playfully. But this was not a game, this was reality. "Jay, don't hide from daddy, I just want to rock you to sleep," liar.

            This was the normal routine almost every night. I sang louder in my head as a watched Bruno open my toy box, my closet doors, even the dresser drawers to look for me. Pretty soon he was going to find me, if he was mad when he found me, my punishment would be ten times worse than if I were to just give up while he's still in a playful mood. I contemplated about just giving up, just this once, I could just sing it away. I guess Bruno started to get dizzy because he decided to lay sprawled out on my bed. I heard his breathing growing ever shallower, and I knew he had passed out, if only for a little while. If I could get to Juanita's room, which was his room as well, I might be safe. If just for tonight, I could be safe and sleep peacefully.

            I inched out from the bed a little, I heard him give a little snore, so I paused. What if he wasn't sleeping? I held my breath, waiting, more gruff faint snoring. It was now or never, so I suppose it had to be now. Juanita and Bruno were my foster parents and Juanita heard Bruno raping me almost every night for the past three years and never put a stop to it, although she'd never let him do it in front of her. If I could only make it to their room I would be fine and I could get some sleep, finally. I jetted out from under the bed and for a split second, just a split second though, I thought I was safe.

            I was half way out of the room when Bruno grabbed me by my hair and slung me roughly onto the bed. "And where do you think you're going little lady? Don't you know happy hour isn't over until I say it's over?"

            "Bruno, please don't, I'm your daughter," I pleaded with him. "You wouldn't want to hurt your daughter would you?"

            "YOU ARE NOT MY DAUGHTER! YOU'RE A FILTHY WHORE!" he spat just inches from my face.

            "Bruno, please don't do this, Rebekkah would be really sad if she knew" Rebekkah was Bruno and Juanita's biological daughter that died when a drunk driver collided his tank of a truck with Bruno's Jetta. Rebekkah died instantly, and Bruno blamed himself, that's when the drinking and abuse started.

            Bruno blinked hard once and shook it off. I could tell I shouldn't have mentioned Rebekkah because now his crazy features had gotten even more contorted. He ripped my pajama top off as I scratched and clawed at him. I screamed at the top of my lungs for Juanita, or anyone, to come save me.

            "Bruno, please," I tried again. "I'm only nine years old! Please!"

            "Oh, dear Jay," he began sweetly, "haven't you realized it's past midnight, it's your birthday." I took a quick peek at the clock that toppled onto the floor amidst me fighting Bruno off me. "You're practically a grown woman now."

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