I have to know her

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Barry's POV :

I was waiting for her to answer, concerned but she did kept staring at me. Then suddenly she tried to push me so, I let her go.

She shouted at me angrily,"You saved me, how dare you? Didn't I tell you to leave! I am not the one you knew yet you interfered in my plan to die. I am Jane! Jane Macarove! Do you konw I failed in my attempt to end my life just because of you? Do you know how much courage it takes for someone to decide and try to end their own life? I don't want to see you ever again in my whole life!"

Then she turned around and ran away. I was hurt not because of her words but because she was hurt. But why? Why does it concern me this much? Why does it hurt to see her hurt? I never felt like this not even for Rosy. I hardly know her and her sadness concerns me this much, why?

I want these answers and the answers for the questions she refused to tell me. I ran after her and followed her to the bar.

I took a corner table where she won't be able to notice me. I can hear her clearly. She ordered the drink with highest alcohol percentage. I don't think she should drink that much alcohol. I called the waiter and showed him hundred dollar bill.
"Change that lady's drink to a less alcohol concentration one or maybe least."I ordered him.

He took the hundred dollar bill and nodded his head.

I kept staring at her. She asked the waiter to leave the bottle there. She is drinking immersed in her thoughts and she is crying. It hurts a lot to see her cry.

I think she is going to pass out. Then suddenly she started falling from her chair and I ran to catch her. She passed out. I kept her head on the table and called the waiter.

"Do you know where she lives?"I asked the waiter. "No, sir. This is the first time she came here."he replied.
I payed for her drinks.

I have to take her home. But I don't know where she lives. Only dad can help me out, he has his sources to find out about anything or anyone. So I called him,"Hello! Dad! I have a favour to ask you. I wanted to know where a girl named, Jane Macarove lives."
"Barry, is everything fine? What's the matter?" he asked concerned. "Everything is fine, dad. Really! Just message me her address as fast as you can. I will give you all the details later." I assured him.
"Ok, Barry."he said before hanging up the call.

The couple who saved me took me in as their son. If it wasn't for them I don't know what I would have done.

Flashback :

I came back home after failing one more attempt to end this new immortal life.

I have been trying to end my life for the past one year but I failed in every attempt. The guilt in me that I was unable to save Rosy, that she died because she loved me and that she died whereas I survived, doesn't let me live.

The couple who saved me are concerned for me.
"Don't do this to yourself, Barry. Please. We can't see you like this."the lady said with tears in her eyes.
"Barry, it wasn't your fault that she died. Please stop this and try to forget your past and start a new life. Please..."the man said concerned.

They have been trying this for the past year and the reason for their sadness and concern is also me.

"Barry, you know that we can't have children, but when we saved you we saw a son in you. We consider you as our own son and we can't see our son miserable. Barry, we love you. Please if not for yourself live for us."she said with tears rolling down her cheeks.

I can't see them sad. I am everything for them now. They have done so much for me and what I gave them in return is only sadness. I won't let them be sad.

I hugged her,"Sorry mom, I won't do this again. Please don't cry." She smiled and hugged me back. Dad hugged us both and said,"Our family is complete now."

Present :

I came back from my trail of thoughts due to the message sound. Dad messaged me Jane's address. I lift her in my arms when she opened her eyes and said,"I hate him. I hate him so much. He is the biggest mistake of my life. I should never have met him."

She had tears in her eyes. She looked at me and murmured,"It's because of you that I'm alive. I hate you too!" Then she passed out again.

I have to know the person behind her sorrow. The person who made her to try to take her own life. I have to know about her.

I carried her out of the bar and ran to her house with her sleeping in my arms.

I reached her house and opened the door with the key she had in her purse. I took her to her bedroom and laid her down in her bed.

I looked around the room. It was normal size bedroom and was well decorated. I saw the photo frame beside her bed. She was in that photo with a couple and a guy of her age. Maybe this is her family.

Maybe I can find that guy's photo too. I was about to search for it when I heard her murmur,"I hate him."

I went to her and saw her face. She looks exactly like Rosy. Her face is so beautiful. She had same green eyes. But her locks are golden unlike Rosy whose hair was brown in colour. But she is so different from Rosy and I feel so different about her, the feeling I have never felt before.

I stared at her for some time and stroked her hair slightly with my fingers. Tears rolled down from her eyes. She is crying in her sleep, she is so hurt. I can't see her like this.

I ran out of the window. I feel my heart hurt. I have to find that guy and....I have to know about her. I ran as fast as I could. I ran without knowing where I was going.

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