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Michael was sitting outside on his balcony as he glanced at the stars peering above his head. They lit up the sky so beautifully and made the world around him seem so peaceful.

The boy sighed in contentment while drinking a cup of tea and continued to gaze up at the sight in front of him and thought about one and only thing.

A boyfriend.

He had sixteen days until Christmas, that was enough time to meet someone and find a happily ever after.

But it just wasn't going to happen. The whole entire school knows that he's openly gay, but nobody wants to date him. He has this theory now that he's going to end up single forever. The lad can't even pick up guys at a gay bar and he assumes that he must be unattractive since nobody has interest in him.

There is one person he has in mind, but that person has no interest in the colorful haired boy anyway. It just so happens that he has a very small, not noticeable at all crush on his best friend, Calum Hood.

Calum is straight though, and wouldn't dare go on a date with Michael because he's probably too busy making out with girls anyway.

Speaking of Calum, Michael thought as he noticed his phone screen was lit up by the boys name and a bunch of hearts next to it. It isn't weird.

Calum: Hi what r u doing?

Michael: Just ignoring your terrible grammar and thinking about basic shit. You?

Calum: what r u thinking about

Michael: You didn't answer my question, Calum. I asked you what you were doing.

Calum: don't be rude. I'm just chillin with Ally. Now tell me what ur thinking about

Michael bit down on his lip in contemplation. He wasn't exactly sure if telling Calum he had a very small crush on him was a good idea. It wasn't going to go anywhere and the last thing he wanted to do was ruin their friendship. Besides, he's with Ally, the girl who jumps from guy to guy when she gets bored.

Michael: Life. College. You know, the usual.

Calum: since when did u care about school

Michael: Shut up, Calum.

Calum: g2g ally wants to make out talk to u later Mikey

Michael wasn't sure how to respond to that and the truth is, he didn't want to. He was more than hurt over his best friends response but it didn't matter. Calum would never go for a guy like him anyway.

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