Dylan O'Brien Facts

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Full Name: Dylan O'Brien (he has no middle name)

Parents: Lisa & Patrick O'Brien

Siblings: Julia O'Brien

Weight: 152lbs

Born: August 26, 1991

Birthplace: New York, NY

Hometown: New Jersey

Eye Color: light brown

Hair color: dark brown

Occupation: actor/musician

Favorite show: Friends

Favorite Movie: Never Been Kissed

Favorite Food: Burgers/chicken

Favorite Drink: Root Beer

Favorite Sport: Baseball

Favorite Team: Mets! BIG TIME!!!!

Dream Job: General Manager of the Mets

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite body part: legs

First kiss: 14

Fun facts

Dylan had a YouTube channel and his name was "moviekidd826"

Dylan played drums for a band called "slow kids at play"

He's a huge mets fan and he never misses a game.

He's dating Britt Robertson and has been since 2011.

He's obsessed with Star Wars.

His favorite book when he was younger was Moneyball.

His worst habit is biting his nails.

He has a dog named Maggie.

He is mostly known for his roles as "Stiles Stilinski" on Teen Wolf and "Thomas" in the Maze Runner Series.


"I just really like fun cool interesting quirky girls!"

"Oh my god so many geeky thing about me, generally geeky I mean I geek out about baseball. My two favorite things are baseball and the X factor. I'm a huge Star Wars geek. I'm a huge everything geek!"

"Food or Sex?... SEX!!!"

"Once a girl in my class found out about my YouTube channel and she showed it to the teacher before class started. Then when their was only a few minutes left in class my teacher said "alright class pack up, movie time!" And pulled down the screen and started playing my YouTube videos. I just ran out."

"Long surfing mets fan:)"

"If my body if a temple this temple is completely filled with pizza pockets!"

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