prince? or king?

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my children (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ ^^

you sigh putting your cheek on your palm.

"I'm bored..." you sigh looking over to Fionna.

"why don't you go and stop their commotion? it's driving me insane!" Fionna says slamming her face down on the table.

you turn your head around to see Gumball and Marshall having a fight.


not physically.

we all know who would win in a physical fight.

"You shall not treat me with such disrespect! I'm a prince you know! soon to be King of candy kingdom!" Gumball pronounced proudly.

"well dude I'm a king right now. so I win." he says stuffing his hands in his pockets and looking down to him.

"Prince! King! what ever! stop fighting! you're giving me a migraine..." you say rubbing your forehead.

"well who do you prefer?" Gumball asks, glaring at Marshall as Marshall just rolls his eyes.

"I. don't. care. about. either." you stand up and walk away sighing and looking down.

why are all the pretty ones dumb?


srry it's super short but I have to study and don't feel like it so I typed this up fast.


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