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Everything is going fantastic these past few weeks. Jenna's told me she loves me, we're now on tour, Willy's got girls anywhere and everywhere. Something is bound to go wrong... We were at a club in Tallahasse when it happened. She came back.
"Hey babe, long time no see." My ex said to me. I have her a dirty look.
"I'm not your babe any more, don't u remember u screwed my heart?" I spat coldly
"But I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say those things. I love you."
"No. I hate you. I want nothing to do with you anymore. I have a girlfriend." I signaled Jenna to help me.
"Hey Hun." Jenna said flirty
"Hey beautiful" I said back. I kissed Jenna to make Kate shut up.
"I love you" we both said dreamily as we pulled apart
Kate wasn't having it at all.
"What are u doing with that slut? I'm 10 times better than her" she spat.
"Mess with me, fine. Mess with my girl? Welcome to hell. Population, you." I said with fire in my eyes.
Just then the band walked up
"Hey you two, where u been?" Dad said cheerfully
"Who the fuck brought a lowlife band no one has ever heard of to the cool kids bar?" Kate spat. Dad fueled up anger.
"Hold me back, I'm bout to take a bitch down." I said with venom in my voice. Just then a soft voice played in my ear.
"I'm fine, the guys are fine, I love you and you love me that's all that matters right?" Jenna spoke softly in my ear.
"I guess. But I still give the bitch a lesson" I said.
They all stepped back.
"The floor is yours." They said calmly, like world war three wasn't about to happen.
"Ok. First of all, Jenna's not a slut. Jenna and slut are on two different ends of the scale. Jenna's beautiful, wonderful, and amazing, and she's everything your not, Kate. Mess with my band... These guys helped me out of the depression I was in when you broke me. When I needed someone or a song, they were there. Now they're dad and my uncles. Fuck with my family, your going down even further." I spat menacingly.
The crew looked to me with fear in they're eyes and I laughed it off.
(We walk out) "what do we do now? We have a whole city." Brooks says cheerfully.
"Let's do this" I put my shades on and rolled out like a badass.

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