There were a lot of cars and other transports around. ''So where are we going?'' I asked, I hate it when I don't know things.

''We are going to the Hudson and East rivers'' Annabeth answered.

I was going to ask them why when I understood ''to stop the troops from coming onto the land right?'' I guessed and Annabeth grinned.

''Sorry dude'' Percy said as he pulled the driver of a red Vespa off,

I sighed and said ''you guys go on the scooter, I'm gonna ride that midnight blue motor bike right there'' pointing at the bike which was leaning against the brick wall. It looked cool, and I do know how to ride a motor bike, even though I'm not supposed to.

They nodded and got on, Percy was driving of course with Annabeth clinging onto him. I went to my rental bike and threw the helmet on the floor, who needs a helmet? it is no use when you're gonna fight monsters and a Titan. Percy drove in the front since I don't know area, we zigzagged in and out. The engines' soft purr was the only noise apart from the rare occasion of a phone going off.

We did stop when we saw people sleeping on the roads, and put them on the pavements. It was a huge task, but it needed to be done. I as moving a little girl when my phone buzzed, I gently put the girl down and answered it. It was Trevor.

''What's the matter?'' I asked, if it was something pathetic....

He sighed through the phone and said ''Arya the Greeks are getting on my nerves. They won't listen to us and they won't tell us anything about what they are doing.'' he complained. Seriously? did the head of Minerva cabin call me to complain? He was the son of the Goddess of Wisdom for gods' sake!

I took a deep breath trying to stop the anger that was building up. Percy and Annabeth looked at me, but I shook my head and turned my back to them and walked a couple of paces away.

''Trevor....seriously? you called me because of this? we are in the middle of the greatest battle of the century....and you are calling me because you are not happy with the way the Greeks are treating you. Grow up, seriously, I thought you were better than this, you are the son of Minerva. Sort it out.'' I hissed through the phone, if I were saying it to his face, he would have flinched.

''But, they are insulting our intelligence'' he whined,

I sighed and said ''Trevor listen to me, you have to keep our camp under control, don't mind the Greeks ok. We are here to do a task''.

He sighed and said ''I know Arya, sorry'', I rolled my eyes and ended the call.

This is going to be difficult, if Minerva cabin can't get along with the Greeks....I doubt no one else can too. I walked back to my brother and Annabeth, they moved the people away from the road and were waiting for me on their scooter. ''What was it then?'' Percy asked as he turned the ignition on,

I got on my bike and said ''just a quarrel, no biggie''. Both of them looked at me and then Percy lead the way again.

I followed closely behind them, we had to stop a fire on a pretzel vendor's cart and catch a baby carriage that was rolling down the street. The funny thing was that there was a poodle instead of a baby, who does that? We were passing a square park when Annabeth told Percy to stop, yes, I was confused, but I pulled over too.

Annabeth jumped out and ran into the park, I groaned this is not the time to play on the swings, I thought irritated. When me and Percy caught up with her, she was staring at a bronze statue on a red marble pedestal. I recognised it instantly it was William Seward.

''Annabeth what are we doing here?'' I said crossing my arms, I was growing impatient like hell.

''Why do we care about...William H. Steward?'' Percy said struggling to read. Typical demi-god.

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