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                Halloween was coming up quickly. I was passing out candy to kids, like every year, because my parents went on a big Halloween vacation and nobody else would be home for the week. It was kind of nice being alone though. I don’t think anyone else took ‘Halloween vacations’ but it was just something they did. I was glad he’d be out of the house for a week though.

                I was one of those people who got dressed up to hand out candy though. I thought it was fun to be someone else for a night. This year I was a pirate, not one of those ‘sexy’ pirates though, I wasn’t fond of those costumes. No, I wore leather trousers that laced up in the front instead of a zipper, I had a white billowy shirt, and an $80 black hat with a brown leather rim, a brown rolled up piece of cloth that wrapped around where the rim met the rounded top and was clasped together with a Celtic know pin, and had a long white feather sticking out. I went to Renaissance Fairs, so the outfit wasn’t going to go to waste, plus it was a nice hat.

                We still had school that day, of course. Halloween always seemed to fall on a school day. I didn’t mind so much though, it’s not like I’d be going to bed early or anything anyways.

                Erica sat down across from me in class again, and once again I felt those butterflies. It’d been two weeks since we kissed, and while I was still angry, I didn’t show it. We were friends again, and sometimes there was a bit on tension, but it was almost like it had never happened. I guess that was a good thing. She was straight, she’d told me at lunch one day when we were talking about how I was gay. I’m not one of those girls who goes after straight girls. I didn’t do that sort of thing. So we were friends, and most of the time that was almost enough for me.

                “Hey.” She smiled that smile.

                “Hey.” I said, finishing up my pen and ink picture of a butterfly. This is Mrs. Damian’s art class, and she said we are doing pen and ink pictures of butterflies. And so that’s what we did. It was either flowers, ladybugs, or butterflies with this woman. Free will was out of the question.

                “What are your plans for tonight?”

                “Handing out candy to the kids. I’m dressing like a pirate.” I grinned up at her.

                She laughed and asked, “Are your parents at least helping?”

                “Nah, they went on their traditional ‘Halloween vacation’.” I shrugged and continued, “I don’t mind doing it, I get to see all the kids in their costumes which isn’t so bad.”

                “Well, would you like some help? My parents decided to do it this year because they miss having little kids dressed as pumpkins running around.” That dazzling smile was still there, how could I say no?

                “Sure.” I scribbled down my address and handed it to her. “Show up whenever, I don’t have to work tonight.”

                “Alright.” Her smile grew, if that was even possible.

                We went back to our projects, and when the bell rang I walked her to class, which I said was on the way to mine. Honestly, I just wanted to stay with her for a bit longer. Her class was on the way to mine if I took the longest way I possibly could. I was almost late to class every day for it, but I didn’t regret it.

                We met up for lunch like always and went back to the Chinese restaurant not far from here.

                “You got a costume?”

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