"Hey." I said while hugging her back.

We pulled back and walked inside the building. We went to our lockers and put away our backpacks after we had our stuff for our first few classes.

The school bell runged signaling that we had five minutes left before class. We walked into the classroom to our desks and sat down. The teacher was already writing down our assignment.

"Good morning jazmin and thania." Our teacher, mrs. Robinson said.

"Good morning." Thania and I said back.

The rest of the students in this class started piling into the room and sat down at their seats. Class started and the teacher started teaching.

I couldn't concentrate because my mind was on if I was pregnant or not. Jason can't be stupid enough to not use protection. I can't be pregnant. I just can't be. I won't know what to do if I'm pregnant. I can't afford an baby. Jason wouldn't want anything to do with us. This baby won't have an father. This is really stressing me out.


After school, thania and I drove to the drug store. We parked the car and got out. We went inside the store to the pregnancy tests. I didn't know what to choose.

"You should just pick one and get it over with." Thania said.

I nodded and grabbed one. I paid for it and we ran out of the store after I hid it in my backpack. We got back into the car and drove to her house. We went upstairs to her room and sat down on the edge of her bed.

"Are you going to take it?" Thania asked.

I nodded slowly and went to the bathroom. I took the test out of its package and read the directions. Pretty simple, all I had to do was pee on it.

I did what I had to do and washed my hands. I placed the test down on the counter and walked out of the bathroom to her room. I sat back down beside her on the edge of her bed.

"What does it say?" Thania asked.

"I have to wait for 2 minutes." I replied.

"Oh okay." Thania said.

After a few minutes, I got up and went back to the bathroom. I grabbed the test and glanced at it. A positive sign was on it. My heart stopped. I'm pregnant at 16. With the player's baby. My brother is going to kill jason when he finds out about this. I haven't even told jaden about the night at the movies. I'm scared too. He's going to be pissed at jason and will probably kick his ass.

Thania came into the room. The test fell out of my hand and I fell to my knees and started crying. Thania got down on the floor with me and held me in her arms. She rubbed my back while trying to get me to calm down.

"Shhh jaz, everything is going to be fine." Thania whispered to me.

I started crying harder. Nothing is going to be fine. I'm pregnant at 16! Jason isn't going to support me! I'll get made fun of at school! My mom would kick me out of her house! I won't have no one! I can't afford an baby!

"Shhh jaz." Thania whispered to me again.

"How can I calm down?! I'm pregnant at 16 with the player's baby!" I sobbed.

"I know but you acting like you won't have any support. You have me, your brother, and your mom if jason doesn't want anything to do with you." Thania whispered.

We pulled back and looked in each other's eyes. She wiped away my tears with her thumb. I noticed that I had her top wet but it seemed like she didn't care.

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