The Diary of Christine Sue Woods--i mean Reeves (intro)

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Sorry guys..this chapter is sorta boring, it' more of an introduction to the characters, but after this it gets more interesting, promise!


Hi. I just want to clarify who I am before I begin telling you about random events in my life. I mean, even if you are a diary, your owner should totally tell you about what's going on before she(or he) pitches into their emotional and personal problems. How else would you understand their predicament and soothe their thoughts? Well anyway, let's start over. Hi! My name is Christine Sue Woods. I am a sophomore at Weston Heights. That would make me 15 and a little bit more because my birthday is on April 1. I live in the suburbs in northern Mississippi, which doesn't really make for a very interesting place. Although, southern guys are DEFINITELY hotter than some other guys, or maybe its just my school , because one time I was in New Jersey with my family, and we went to the mall and I spotted about ten cute guys-out of every single guy in the whole mall. But then, when I think about it, maybe all the guys who actually lived in New Jersey were also on vacation like me, and for some reason all of the ugly guys came to the mall on that particular day. Who knows? Anyway, these are the people who make up my LIFE:

1) Rachel Woods-my mother; my mother can be extremely lame and restricting at certain times, but for a majority of the time is actually pretty awesome. She has chestnut brown hair (which I was lucky enough to get) , green eyes, and straight teeth. She stays in shape because she wants to as an independent woman, not to make her husband happy, or so she says. Oh and by the way, she's a lawyer.

2) Dan Woods-Dad! Dad is also really great, however, there are a few drawbacks: he has wildly curly hair (which I was unlucky enough to get), slate gray eyes (got those too). He works in computers, which basically means he gets called into conferences in the middle of the night ALL of the time. As you probably guessed, this doesn't make for good humor in the mornings. When dad has had enough sleep though, he is extremely caring and slightly too overprotective. Last time I mentioned liking a boy, his words were, "Oh make sure you Bring him over to the house before your date so I can show him my gun.." yeah.

3) Johnny Woods-Actually I haven't lived with Johnny since he graduated 5 years ago. He's at Columbia, so he doesn't visit a lot either, but I really love him. He does make for an adorably sweet older brother.

4) Cait George-Cait is my best friend. I can tell her anything and everything. She is small and blonde and adorable. She dates my parents best friend's son, Cade, which is a relief because before Cait and Cade(now isn't that the cutest!) went out, my parents used to make "grandparent remarks" about Cade.

5) Kyle Reeves-The love of my life. I know he loves me too, he just hasn't realized it. He's too gorgeous for words. He was the only freshman who got any playtime on the football field last year, and he's 6' 1" and has a stocky build. He looks very good shirtless. He has wavy sandy colored hair, and periwinkle blue eyes.

I think that's enough people for now....

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