Ghosts are a Bitch Chapter 8

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*~* Rikku's P.O.V. *~*

I woke up the next morning and I felt way better than the last time I woke up. I looked beside me and thought that maybe that was why. I saw Shane with me and the fact that I didn't have a single dream last night also helped.

I knew trying to wake him wasn't going to do any good, so I climbed out of bed and got into the shower. I was so grateful that today was Thursday, that meant that it was a short day and we get out a hour early. I did my usual shower routine and got out.

When I walked out of my bathroom I saw that Shane was still asleep, of course. What am I ever going to do with him? Shaking my head, I got dressed in black skinny jeans and a shirt that falls off both my shoulders ( After I got dressed, I went over to the side of the bed so that I could see Shane's face. Without even thinking, I knelt down and kissed his lips gently. I felt something behind it that I didn't think that I would feel; I felt emotions.

As I stood up again, his eyes slowly opened and saw me standing there before him. I just smiled down at him. "Get up sleeping beauty. We are going to be late." With that I walked out of the room and went to the bathroom with my hair and make-up stuff. I plugged in the curling iron and applied make-up to my face while I waited for the curling iron to heat up. When it was ready I used it and made every strand of hair into a spiral curl.

I put everything away and went back into my room and a wave of relief swept over me when I saw that Shane was out of bed. He was just pulling his shirt over his head and putting his shoes on. I decided that I should as well so I walked over to my closet and got out my heels that I wanted to wear and slipped them on.

He looked at me up and down and I could tell that he still wanted me like he did back then. I can't say that I do, but I can't say that I don't either. He walked over to me and the height of the heels let me look into his eyes without having to look up at him. As his arms slipped around my waist, my hands rested on his chest almost as to push him away. But instead, I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned into him.

The second that our lips met, I was overwhelmed by all the emotions that came rushing back. All the memories. Good and bad ones. I laced my fingers into his hair and deepened the kiss, only to remember that we had to go to school.

I pulled away from him and by the look in his eyes I could tell that he was feeling the same way that I was. "Come on lover boy, we are definitely going to be late now." With that, I grabbed his hand and walked down the stairs and outside to his car since mine was left at school. AGAIN!

As I climbed into the passenger seat, he was getting into the driver's seat. He started the engine and revved it a little bit, winking at me. He pulled out of the driveway and raced to school. As we pulled into the parking lot, the bell rang. This made us rush to our lockers to drop off our stuff and get books and other things. We both semi ran to P.E. When I got there, it turned out that my English class and P.E. got switched. So she told me to go ahead and go to my new class. I turned around and saw Shane's confused face. I winked at him with no one noticing and hurried to the class.

I nearly tripped going up the stairs to my new English class with my heels, but I managed. I entered the class right as Mr. Morris was getting ready to start the lesson. I gave him my schedule and went to an open seat. The entire class period I got glares from every girl in the class. I flipped them off and paid attention to the lesson as I took notes.

Class went by and when the bell rang I sprang up to leave, but Mr. Morris stopped me. "Rikku, will you please stay here?" I really didn't want to... After everyone left he started talking. "Rikku, this is the second time this week that you have been late. And your grade in this class is dropping. You can't let this happen; we are barely halfway through the first semester."

I have heard this before. I just need to be sweet and act like I actually care. "I know Mr. Morris. I'm going to try and do my best. Is there anything I can do to help my grade?"

"Well actually there is. There is an essay that you hand in at the end of the semester and it counts for one-third of your grade. Do well on that, and I will pass you with at least a C," he lectured me.

I thanked him and when I was out of sight I let all that sweetness out. I saw Jackie and linked arms with her. "Hi there."

She looked at me and her eyes popped out of her sockets. "What the hell are you wearing?! Something must have happened to you. I have never seen you wear something like this."

I shrugged it off. I really didn't wear this kind of thing. It's usually just jeans, a regular T-shirt, and vans or something. "I don't know. I guess I just decided to be different today."

She didn't pay much attention to it and we kept walking. Eventually we ran into Zander on our way to class. His hair was slightly jostled, but it was good to see him. I hugged him and he kissed the top of my head, which made me think about the kiss that Shane and I shared this morning.

The three of us walked to our history class and the whole way I got looks from guys and whistles. I just shook my head and flipped off the ones that tried to talk to me or touch me. We made it to class and took our seats. Right as we sat down, the bell rang and the teacher entered the room.

He made us do this study guide for the test we will be taking in two days. I was too busy talking to really do any work so by the time the bell rang, I was only on number 7 out of 36.

When I walked out of my class, I saw Shane walk by. I turned to Jackie and Zander and told them that I would catch up with them later. I walked back and caught up with him. "Hey Shane."

"Oh hey," he smiled at me. "What you going to?"

"Chemistry. How about you?"

"Oh cool same here," he replied as he took my hand.

"What do you think you are doing?" I questioned him as I eyed our intertwined hands.

"Oh. . . Nothing. I just figured after this morning. . ." he thought out loud and then let go of my hand.

I smiled and bumped into him a little. "I was only kidding. Jeez, lighten up will you?" I took his hand in mine again. As we walked to our lockers, I got a fair amount of stares looking my way again. I just rolled my eyes and kept walking. All of them can think what they want, I don't care.

We finally reached our lockers, and I put all of my books in it and got out my chemistry book. When I shut the door to my locker, I see that Shane is leaning against his staring at me. He stands up and moves in front of me and put his hands on either side of me so I can't escape. He leans in closer so he's pressed against me and my back is flush with the lockers. As he rings his lips to mine, everything disappears. It was just us, almost like nothing ever happened.

This time it was him that pulled away instead of me. "I miss doing that."

I wouldn't tell him that I did too; I would never admit that to him. Not right now at least. "I know you do." I walked away from him and went to my class. He caught up with me and took my book in one hand, and my hand in the other.

As we walked to our class, I couldn't help but think if things could actually work between us. I know that it won't be same, but what if I could be happy again? I don't know. . . I need to go into this knowing that it's possible for me to get my heart broken.

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