Secrets of past

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(Gumball's pov)
It was late at night and I couldn't sleep. I sighed with a yawn before sitting up and finding the book that my wonderful (y/n) wrote her secrets in. I popped it open and slowly began to read it.

Hey Dairy..... today hasn't been the best. I've become the number one target for all the popular girls smart remarks. Its been going on for almost a week and its starting to get to me. All the girls are kittens and as much as like cats I really hate them. But its getting to me.... I'm scared to even show my face in public anymore.

Great.... now I have scars... all over my legs. Two trips to the hospital for suicidal attempts. The girls just laugh. They have gone from being personal to online as well.... I cant take it anymore! I really hope I leave the world tonight.... Just like the girls want me too.... Btw if you cant tell I hate cats now! Their all stuck up jerks who deserve to be buried alive!

Ok maybe.... not all cats are bad. A new girl came to school today. She's a white and orange neko. She is actually really nice and stood up for me! I think her name was Rosa. Im so happy.... I might actually get a good friend!

I whimper slightly. "She tried to kill herself?" I whispered. She must of gone through some really bad times. But she seems so happy and up beat. Oh.... I just hope she doesn't try to kill herself now.... I would miss her so much....
I then laid down tears in my eyes at the thought if losing her.... "(y/n) my sweet heart.... I hope you're doing better now than you were back then.

(Y/n) pov
I held the sharp knife on my skin. Tears streamed my face. My phone lay open to new messages. One read, Go Kill Yourself Again I Bet You Will Die This Time!.....
I sniffled as blood trickled down my leg. This pain was much more bearable than the other pain.

Well..... Thats depressing......
Uh.... I need to go lie down now.....

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