Chapter 7: Two Faced and Bold

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After school ended, most of the students and I walked to the student parking lot, but there were more of them than usual. Mel came out of nowhere, sprinting and yelling, "Where the fuck is Gloria and her bitch ass?!"

Gloria was standing by her friend, Bree when she saw Mel coming towards her.

"Bitch, why were you talking shit?!" Mel shouted, earning everyone's attention, a crowd started to form, and waiting for the drama to unfold.

"What the hell are you talking about??" Gloria replied looking lost.

"Hoe, don't fucking act like you don't know, you told everyone that I bribed Tyler to be my boy toy!" she shouted. It took a while to register in everyone's brain.

"What the fuck, I didn't even say that, and why are you calling me a hoe, since you're the one bribing dudes for your fucking needs, bitch I can see why because Neal even said you weren't satisfying his needs in bed, that's why Sheila and Irina are around!!" Gloria yelled loudly, her thick, Spanish accent was easily heard and coming out full force.

"Oh shit, oh no she didn't," most of the students mumbled.

Mel's expression was devastating, she yelled, "So, you joined bitch??"

"Hell no, the shit he's probably spreading because of you, Sheila, and Irina, I'm fine!" she yelled, her accent was visible.

That pissed Mel off, she pushed her against a car as Gloria grabbed her arm and threw her on the floor, punching her in the face, Mel grabbed her hair trying to pull her down, but couldn't, she was getting her ass whooped. "Bitch, I didn't say shit about your hoe ass!!"

Gloria shrieked between punches. Mel's leg flew up, kicking Gloria in the face, that still didn't stop her, she was still whooping her ass, so that kick didn't matter that much. Some guy pulled Gloria off of her, and Mel was being helped up by someone else. Mel was looking jacked up, she stumbled to her friend, Mena, and they went into her car, then they drove off. Gloria and Bree hopped in their car and drove off too.

I hopped in my car, look at what I caused, I was loving it.

The next day, Scarlet wasn't there and Jett was waiting for me. We were looking for her when Jett said, "She doesn't even hang around us anymore."

It was true, I was going to confront her about it when I saw her later today.

The first two classes went by smoothly. Jett and I waited by my locker and spotted Scarlet coming our way. "Hey," she said.


"What's going on?" she asked, oblivious to the looks on our faces. "Where do you go now, Jett and I don't see you anymore," I said.

A surprised look hit her face when she replied, "I'm always with you guys."

I shook my head.

She snapped, "Why does it matter, all you want to do is cause useless shit with people!" I knew it was true, but damn, that stung.

"Aren't you usually apart of it?" I snapped back at her, catching her a little off guard,"That's what I thought, don't think I forgot about what you and your other 'friend' did," I hissed.

She glared at me and whispered, "You wouldn't dare."

"After all the 'useless shit that I caused with other people', you're no better, you'll go down with the rest of them too," I sneered as I quoted her.

"Really, you would tell?? I wish you would, so I can-"

I cut her off, "So you can what, say some more fake shit about me being an awful friend??"

She scoffed, turned on the soles of her shoes, and stormed away. An uncomfortable cough was made behind me before I realized Jett was still there and looking bewildered.

"You wouldn't really tell everyone about what she did with that 'someone', right?" she asked uneasily.

"I don't know, if she doesn't stop hanging around 'them' and saying fake shit about me, maybe I will," I breezed.

Elena and her boyfriend were making out on the patio, a disgusted expression crossed my face. "They could make porn on that table," I whispered to Jett.

She giggled and as we passed by them, Elena said, "What did you say, can you say it again??"

"Babe, it's not worth it," Dean pleaded, trying to pull her back, but she broke out of his grasp.

"I said, 'you guys can make porn on that table', what's the problem, you've done it before," I sneered.

Some of the students that were passing by oohed. Seeing that she had nothing to say, I scoffed, and walked away.

Maria, the cheerleader who fought Elena, walked by, glaring at her as she was all over her boyfriend. "Autumn, Autumn!"

I recognized that annoying voice. It was Vera. She skipped towards me and said, "I love your top, anyway, what's going on with Scarlet, I heard you guys had a little scuffle," she smirked as she twirled.

"It's none of your business," I replied in a clipped voice.

"It is bitch, but see you around, smooches!"she smirked and went on her way. Jett had an unreadable look on her face.

I knew I had one on too. When Jett went to class, Jace appeared at my side, "Hey."


"Are we still on for Saturday?"

"I don't know," I walked away from him, I needed my space.

"You'll be with me!" he called out.

The hell I will, I rolled my eyes.

Thinking about Scarlet was making me angrier by the minute. She'll know how I feel and real soon too, just like the rest of the school. I decided to mess with Karina.

I went up to a random girl and whispered a rumor, she glanced at me as I said, "Mel told me."

She went to another girl and told her. Then that was the rumor around the school. Karina was sleeping with one of the Princeton's teachers that's why she paid someone to take the exam to make it look like she got in for her brains, not her crotch.

These bitches won't mess with me because I'll turn this school upside down so fast, their heads will spin.

They should definitely know that.

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