Chapter 3 | Man down

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Okay so I wanted to get this out there real quick, so its not really long and I haven't read over it yet to fix errors... But I'm REALLY excited for what the next chapter brings ;)) just sayin-

*Emma's POV*

I stumble forward sitting up on my knees, clutching restlessly at my stinging chest and ribs.

The scene thats playing out before my eyes is like a blast from the past, like I'm witnessing a gun-down at high noon.
Both men hustle to raise their weapons, Killian having the advantage of being half concealed by the shadows. Only his pistol visible once it's raised, the metal reflecting off the moons silvery glow in the darkness.

With a stiffening almost silent pop that sends goose bumps shooting down my arms, because I knows just what that was.
Its the silencer doing its job as the bullet gets released from the sound barrier, exploding.

The fat man with his back facing me stumbles back clumsily. His eyes are bewildered, his hand going to his stomach reaching back up to reveal a warm liquid coating his fingers in the moonlight.
His knees hit the floor first, as he sinks to the ground while his other hand still nervously clutching his pocket gun.

Killian steps out from his spot in the shadows, walking closer until I can tell he's approaching me. His eyes lock on mine, he's pointing his gun down to the floor.
But, within seconds its like someone bumped the remote to my world, sending everything spiraling into slow motion. I happen to cast my gaze down to the wounded man sprawled out on the carpet.

No! My body screams in warning, but my throat locks up.

I watch the wounded man tighten his grip on his gun until his knuckles turn a pale white. Clenching his teeth, he sucks in a shallow breathe.
Attempting in his last moments to take his shot.

Killians eyes meet my gaze, but realizing all to late.
Desperation and adrenaline fog over my mind, as I do the only thing I can think of in the moment. Instincts, stress and terror swarm my senses.

I'm so confused, but in a moment of utter desperation I lose control.

Like I'm not controlling my own actions, I find myself hurling over to the man taking his aim, his finger flickering towards the unmerciful trigger.

Grabbing ahold of the knife Killian dropped on the ground minutes earlier, I race down to the man striking him with it.

After my fatal blow, The after shock of the thundering shot vibrates through my ears... I realize I was too late, his gun still fired.

Shooting my head up, I'm searching around the room adjusting my eyes to filter through the shadows till I find what I'm looking for. Killian. Leaning against the wall, with his head slammed back, he's clutching to his shoulder. His eyes closed as he's gritting his teeth from the pain of the sudden intrusion.

Okay at least were both still alive- Im sighing, relieved.

But looking down, the horrific reality slowly sinking in... Until it slams into me like a freight train all at once. His motionless body lays under me, as I straddle him. My hands stained, I feel warm tears streak down the contours of my face.

I'm unclean.

-This isn't me though, IM NOT a killer. I can't be...

Sirens fill the air. Playing in the distance.

"Lass, C'mon. We gotta get out of here now!-" He manages to grit out.

With no where else to go, no one else to turn to... I do the only thing my terrorized mind can make sense of. I follow him -

After running down the alley behind the houses, Sirens completely fill the night air, reds and blues reflect off nearby puddles in the black pavement.

Jumping into my yellow bug, I shove the keys into the ignition not even bothering to buckle. Killian slides into the shotgun seat, his gun tucked safely out of sight while his other hand was steadily applying pressure to his injured shoulder.

"Where do I go!?" I'm asking exasperatedly. Shoving the stick out of park.

"Just. Drive"

Is all I get from him, his face scrunched in pain. That Really must hurt....Guilt knaws at my stomach because really, I know if I hadn't given his position away... None of this would have happened.

Doing as he says for once, I start driving, flying down the on-ramp getting onto the I-5 freeway heading south. The rain pounding into the windshield, beads of water blurring the watery mural of red brake lights. Switching on my wipers, the constant squeak of them rubbing the window wrong I somehow find comforting.

And I keep driving through the night.
Giving me time to think through every insane thing that's happened way too quickly.

I killed a man.

Regardless of the fact that he was already going to die... And im driving around a man whose night job is murdering people...Mmmhm lovely.

Hesitantly I take my eyes off the road for just a second, glancing over to the man decked out in black curled up into my passenger seat.

This is going to be a long trip.



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