Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

'Guys what are we doing here?' I asked as we walked into a store looking at the different outfits. They were all outgoing outfits. 'Well we're going to a party.' Rachel said as she picked out different outfits. 'and we couldn't choose from our closets?' I asked. 'We can choose from our closets you on the other hand can't.' Amanda said. 'Why?' I asked. 'You dress too safe.' she said. 'I like dressing safe.' I said pouting. 'Well tonight your dressing dangerous.' Rach said as she placed a whole bunch of outfits in my hand turned me around then pushed me in the direction of the changing rooms.

For the next two hours I tried on a lot of clothes some of them not standing to their standards and some not standing up to mine. At this moment I looked at the mirror in awe. I was in a romper it made me look confident, hot and sexy and this was definitely dangerous. I stepped out of the room and Amanda and Rachel immediately squealed saying this was one. After paying for the dress and killer heels that I had no idea on how to walk in we went to the food court. 'Ok Amanda and I are gonna put the bags in the car while you order for us.' Rachel said. I nodded as I entered the line. After ordering for us I turned around and found a seat, playing flappy birds I waited until my order came. Normally when we order we tell them where we sit so they bring the food to us. I felt someone's presence in front of me. I looked across the table the same time the familiar losing sound came from my phone. Well fuck that's 6 points down the drain.

A boy with nice messy blonde hair, he had calm brown eyes and pink lip. Not as pink as Reece's though. Paige what. the. fuck snap out of it. 'Hey.' he said with a smile. 'Uh......hi?' 'I'm Bryan.' he said with a smirk. 'Paige, no offence but why are you are here?' I asked him. 'Well I was wondering what a Pretty girl like you was doing here all alone.' he said with a smirk. Was there something wrong with his mouth or something?. Never-the-less I blushed cause that was just a normal reaction I had when I got a compliment from people. 'Well I'm ummmmm waiting on my friends-' I then turned to see them coming. 'Who are coming right now.' Amanda and Rachel gave me questioning looks as they both sat beside me. 'Rachel and Amanda meet Bryan, Bryan meet Amanda and Rachel.' they exchanged hellos as the waitress placed our food on the table. 'P, you never mentioned you knew a guy so hot!!!.' Amanda squealed. Bryan chuckled while I covered my face in embarrassment. 'We just met.' Bryan said eyeing me with a smile. I looked around feeling slightly uncomfortable.

He chuckled seeing my discomfort. 'As much as I'd love to stay with you beautiful ladies.' he said taking up a napkin and writing on it. 'I have to go.' he then took my hand, kissed the back then gave me the napkin. 'Call me.' he said with a wink and left. I blushed as I stared at my hand Amanda and Rachel squealed. 'You guys would be mega cute together.' Amanda said. I sighed. 'Guys I'm engaged you know I can't.' 'Yh "engaged" and besides Reece is probably sucking off faces with Heather right now.' Rachel said. For some odd reason the thought that they might be doing that made me not so happy. 'Listen, we're going to go to that party and get drunk like never before.' I chuckled.

For once I'm just going to let go and be free.


End of chapter

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