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(In this story Killian has 2 hands - which will noted later on ;))
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What looks like little zests, of streaking lightning fluttering down from the night sky, are really the streaks of clear rain water reflecting off the orange glow of the street lamps, as they make their fateful descend to the black pavement.

The tall lamp posts light up the dark streets with a glow as Emma stops walking under their light, double checking the directions she received from Gold.
The information was scribbled onto crinkled piece of paper resembling something a child would call art.

The paper reads:  601 hemlock St. Brimmington drive, Portland Oregon. 98656

"This is it." Emma says to herself, spotting the address. Walking around the side of the house, she quietly unlatches the small impractical white gate thats standing in her way.

The wet grass soaking through her shoes, leaving her toes cold after stumbling into the small backyard. She looks up, her hands on her hips while getting a game plan.

Convinently theres Ivy growing along the side of the house, going past the second story. Getting a closer look, Emma's eyebrows twitch up in total delight, a smile plastering her face. Looks like someone even left their window open just for me...

Getting a solid foothold in the lush ivy, she starts to climb.  -Don't mind if I do. The moonlight casting her crawling shadow onto the siding. While her gloved hands grip around the green stems.

After a couple minutes of climbing she reaches the windowsill. Getting a steady hold she props the glass window up with her elbow. Just enough for her body to squeeze through.

It's, a good thing...
I didn't eat-
that whole pizza earlier.

She Jokes to herself, shimmying in while she struggles to fit.

At last wiggling her way through, she physically has to force herself to bite her own tongue, trying to rein in her sound effects as she fumbles to the floor.


She sighs when she's finally through. Her tired body falling onto the carpeted floor, her exhaustion doesn't last long though. She cautiously stands, checking around the pitch black room. The bed next to her, She slowly creaks acrossed the master bedroom.

If I were a chipped Tea cup, where would I be?-

...Gold said I would find it somewhere upstairs. Eh I'll start here

Picking to First rummage through the nightstand, before making her way over to the sock drawer.


Killian's POV


What the hell was that?

Straining my trained ears against the door of the closet,  I never heard anyone come up stairs. The lights weren't switched on... But I can't shake the feeling that I'm not alone anymore.

His thoughts cut off as he hears something again.

This time A drawer slides shut, just outside of the closet he's held up in. Peaking out of the crack he created by leaving the door slightly open earlier, the darkness of the room making it hard to make anything out.

Then he spots it.

Over by the dresser is a mop of blonde tresses. Anger and territorial instincts strike up within him. This petty Thief  could easily cost me my job if she mucks this up, And my cover gets blown. She's got to go, NOW.

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