Chapter 12

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Hailie headed back to the store. She took a few breaths before going inside. She left the door open in case she needed a quick escape route.

Hailie ducked behind the counter. Everyone was looking at the front of the diner where the soldiers were. No one saw that she had entered.

"This is a scheduled inspection. There's no need to make such a fuss," one soldier was saying.

"This diner was inspected last week. No one was supposed to come for at least another month," Mrs Gregory said.

"We are here for the young lady who attacked seven men earlier this morning. It is for the safety of the citizens that we are here to remove her."

Hailie shouldn't even be surprised. This wasn't the first time soldiers had come looking for her, saying she was a danger to the people. Those men were greater dangers than she could ever be.

"Is there anyone else in this building that is not in this room at the moment?"

"No," Mrs Gregory said.

That was true since she was supposed to be gone. Did it count if she was hiding in the room?

"We will be searching the premises." They were coming closer.

She ducked out of the room and left by the side door. It wasn't too serious. The soldiers should be gone soon. She wasn't needed then. She would come back once they were gone to say her goodbyes. Hailie knew she couldn't just leave without saying anything again. She didn't know if she would ever come back.

Soldiers had already finished the search of the store opposite the diner. She waited until they left before she entered. Everyone was too busy agonising over the destroyed merchandise to notice her.

As she stood by the window and watched what was happening in the diner, she could see movement in the rooms on the second floor. They would ask questions about the clothes in the room. It didn't matter. Mrs Gregory and Basil would come up with some story and she hadn't left anything that would say that the room had been hers. Then she remembered, the tub was wet. There were signs someone had used the room that day. She forced herself to stay in the store. Once they didn't get violent she wouldn't leave and even if they did, she was sure Basil could handle things. She had chosen him for a reason. Hopefully they wouldn't need her help.

Hailie checked the clock in the store. Twenty minutes had passed and the soldiers hadn't left. What was taking them so long? At this rate she would be left behind when the hour was up.

Finally the soldiers left. They seemed to have finished the search of the town and were heading back to the docks.

She slipped out and heading back to the diner. Mrs Gregory was cleaning up a table.

"What are you still doing here?" she asked. She pulled Hailie into the backroom.

"I had to make sure they did not do anything."

"We can handle things here just fine by ourselves. You should have gone with Johan."

"I had to say goodbye this time. I did not want to disappear again."

Mrs. Gregory's eyes softened and she pulled her into a hug. "That's right. You can't just leave without saying anything this time."

"I have to say goodbye to Basil and apologise for not being able to stay and eat."

"You're leaving right now?"

"The Captain said if I do not meet him in half an hour he will leave me behind."

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