It was a rainy night. Dark, cold, rainy night. And Here I am. In a long beautiful royal blue dress, hair done nicely. All dazzled up only to be stood up.

I kept pinching myself trying to wake myself up. No. This wasn't at all a dream. I was stood up!!! How could he do this to me!

He told me he loved me and that he'd be with me no matter what and I believed him. Now look at me. I, Olivia Amber Rowling's was cheated on, lied to, and left out in the cold to listen to the sound of my heart breaking.

"Excuse me, Miss." A voice from behind says.


I turn around and see that I'm face to face with a brown haired, brown eyed, boy around my age, holding a umbrella. 

"I don't think a beautiful girl like you should be sitting out in the cold like this alone." He says holding his hand out for me to take. 

I take it as he pulls me up and under his umbrella.  

The boy walks us over to a ice cream shop. With me under his arm. We take a seat in a booth towards the back of the room. 

"Oh, I'm being so rude, I'm Greyson. Greyson Chance." He says, shaking his head like a dog does after getting wet. 

"I'm Olivia. Olivia Rowling's." I say. 

"Nice to meet you." Greyson holds out his hand. 

I take it. 

"So why where you all out in the rain like that?" Greyson asked. 

"I was suppose to be at a school dance, but my boyfriend ditched me for another girl." I say. 

Greyson mouth drops a little.  

"Why you?" He questioned. 

"Look at me!" I said. 

"You're beautiful." He states. 

...He called me beautiful.  

...No, Olivia. Don't fall for it. He's just another guy. 

"No. I'm not. Don't say that."  

"It's true though." He says.

I half smiled and then turned my attention to a boy and girl now entering the ice cream shop.  

"Thanks for taking me to the dance." A familiar girl voice cooed into the boys ear.

"Anything for you."

The boys voice sounded too familiar.

"Michael?" I say, standing up from the booth.

"Olivia...I can..."

Michael had hi arm wrapped around Jenna Wright's shoulder. Jenna was that girl that everyone liked. She was a everything I wasn't. She was beautiful, funny, and popular!

"How could you do this to me?" I said on the verge of tears. "You left out in the rain. You told me you would be back in five minutes, but you never came. You left out there for two hours! You jerk. And then you go with this slut!" I'm crying now.

"Olivia...."Michael began, but I interrupted.

"It's gonna take more than an I'm sorry to win me back." 

With that I ran out of the shop before I said something I'd regret.

"Olivia!" Greyson called from behind.

"Leave me alone Greyson. I want to be alone." I cried.

"No. You're too beautiful to be alone." He says, opening the umbrella.

"How could he do this to me?" I asked.

"I don't know." Greyson responded, pulling me into a hug.

We stood there in the pouring rain for a while. Me in Greyson's arms. Tears streaming down my face.

"C'mon. Give me your address and i'll have my Mom drop you off." Greyson says.


I gave him my address and his Mom picked us up.

"Can you give me your number?" Greyson asked as we hoped into his Mom's car. 


I know it's crazy to give someone you barely know your number, but Greyson is too sweet to me.  

I wasn't crying anymore. I acctualy felt better.

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