[Chapter 6]

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*Perrie POV*

It's been few weeks since I got out of the hospital, I've been spending a lot more time with Zayn and Niall. Being a third— unnecessary wheel that stroll along their backs.

I started attending school, new people would scare me more, walking alone at night too. Paranoia clawing into my skin every look I get. The guy has been to court, I didn't have enough courage to face that twat again.

When Zayn and Niall knew about this, they started to pick me up after school every day. And because they go to my house alot, even Caitlin and mom got close to them.

I've decided to tell Caitlin about my feelings for Jade. Luckliy, she was fine with it and said that she already suspected it anyway.

I also sent a letter to the two boys in their school. I found out their names are Liam and Louis. They're nice lads, didn't even accept the money I was offering, saying that they were just helping out someone who needed help.

Enough about that, cause today is the day that I could finally be alone with Jade. No boys, no interruption, just us. Jade arrange a day for us to hang out and have a sleepover. I brought a bag of food, and now I'm going to Jade's house with a huge smile on my face.

Once I arrived at her house, I rang the bell, but got no answer, which was weird. Jade was supposed to be home by now. I pressed the bell again and the door flew open, Sam appearing in view.

"Hey Perrie, what are you doing here?" My blood boiled, bubbling in my veins. I'll admit that Jade is a good influence to him, since they started dating he hasn't bullied anyone in school like he had before. But I hated the fact that my bestfriend has been too preoccupated with him that we don't spend time together anymore, I know I sound selfish. But you'll feel the same even if you don't like your best friend.

"I just wanted to give this to Jade." I gave him the bag of food I had. "Alright, I'll give it to her." He said back and smiled at me.

"Bye Sam, have fun." I swiftly picked up my bag and ran away before Jade can see me. We haven't spent that much time together, because of him, now he ruins my day with Jade too. I know that I could just barge in and ruin their day, but I decided to just leave them alone.

*Caitlin POV*

I sat in my living room, watching a movie. Then suddenly I heard a loud bang, I quickly jumped up to see my sister running up to her room. I didn't know what to do, it was my first time seeing her so upset. And without mam or Jade to help me, I decided to call Niall or Zayn for assistants.

'Hello? Who's this?' I heard Niall's bubbly irish accent.

"Hey! It's Caitlin."

'Ello', what's wrong?'

"It's about Perrie"

'What happened? Isn't she supposed to go out with Jade today?'

"Yeah, but she came home upset! And I don't know what to do, I can't ask ma for help!"

'Okay, we're coming over.'



It was a great idea asking Super Ziall to come over, they managed to calm her down. Apprently Jade ditched their plans. To be honest, she is starting to provoke me, she is one of the only people who could make my sister this upset. But I can't think like this, she was alway like a sister to me.

I heard the bell rang, I ran down to open the door. Jade was standing outside, I looked behind her and Sam was in his car. I felt anger rushing into me, I bit my lip to contain myself from running over to him and screaming at him.

"Hey Caity, Is your sister home?" Jade's question snapped me out from my thoughts, there was hearable worry in her voice.

"No, I don't know where she is." I lied, trying to remain my voice calm, but I soon realized that my tone was a bit harsher than I expected. "Okay then, sorry." Her voice went shaky, like she was on the urge to cry.

"Good bye Jade." I gave her an apologizing smile. Is this really affecting her so much? "Bye Cait." I glared at Sam and saw him starting to get shaken up.

I went back to Perrie's room, seeing all three of them laughing together. "Who was it?" Perrie asked with a little giggle. "No one." I shouldn't talk about Jade right now, It would ruin the moment.

"Okay then." She went back to joking around with Niall. Zayn raised his brow at me, probably sensed that I was lying, I nugged my head in the direction where there was a picture of Jade and he nodded.

"Let's eat Dinner!" Niall suddenly shouted. "Where do you guys want to eat?" Zayn asked. "Nando's!" Perrie and Niall cheered at the same time. "Why do you even ask? They say the same thing every time." I laughed. "Well, maybe one day they'll change their mind." Zayn chuckled as he stands up and grabs his sweater.

*Perrie POV*

We arrived at Nando's and sat down, of course Niall sat beside Zayn. I can't stop thinking about how cute they would be if they were together.

"Uh, we actually have something to tell you." Niall said as Zayn smile widely beside him. "Zayn and I are dating." Niall looked slightly nervously as he rub the back of her neck. I jumped up of my chair in excitement.

"Finally! A month of waiting was making me really impatient!" I yelled. "I'm so happy for you guys!" I squealed. "When did this all start? Why didn't you tell us sooner?" Caitlin and I stood up to hug them.

"Is it really okay with you guys? Even if we just knew each other exists a month ago." Niall asked. "Of course it is! And I know Zayn has known you longer than that." I whispered to Niall and winked.

After we finished eating our dinner, we went to the fair. Since Zayn and Niall didn't want to leave me alone, they demanded that there needs to be a sleep over at my house tonight.

We all decided to sleep in the living room, in front of the TV. I set a duvet on the floor, Caitlin brought some pillows and blankets and threw it on top.

I was leant against on the kitchen counter, waiting for the popcorn to finish. I heard a ding and grabbed the popcorn from the microwave, then sat between Niall and Caitlin. Half way through our second movie, I looked over to see Caitlin already snoozing away, lolled on the sofa.

I tapped Zayn's shoulder, whose eyes were nearly close. "Go to sleep." I whispered and pointed at the duvet set on the floor. He nodded and pulled Niall close to him. They laid down on the cover on the floor and immedieatly fell asleep.

I knew she would call, many times actually. So I closed my phone earlier. I turned on my phone, and I had multiple missed calls and five messages from the brunette beauty.

- Hey! I'm so sorry, I'm so stupid that I forgot about it! -Jadeypoo🍪

- I'm deeply sorry! Please don't ignore me. -Jadeypoo🍪

Please don't ignore me! I'm really sorry!😢 -Jadeypoo🍪

- I'm really worried about you! Catlin said she hasn't seen you. -Jadeypoo🍪

- Goodnight, pez. Hope you have a good sleep tonight-Jadeypoo🍪

I sighed and placed my phone on the table near the sofa. I closed my eyes and went to sleep. I hope that this will be resolve soon.

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