13. Unknown happenings pt. 2(RayxRoc)

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It was the day after they had well had sex or as they called it 'Werid fun'. 

"Mommy..Roc and I are gonna ummm play in my room."Ray said.

"Have fun and me and his mom will be gone."The moms said bye and left.

Roc came out with whipped cream.

"It's gonna be even better this time."Roc said as they raced up the stairs to Ray's room.

Ray closed the door and they got naked in stantly.

"Is it bigger than it was yesterday?"ray asked curious.

"It looks so. I get to suck the evil out this time with my trusty whipped cream."Roc said.

They giggled and Ray laid on his bed and Roc's mouth still dropped open at the sight of Ray's member so big in all it's glory.

"Come on Roc my penis is starting to hurt."Ray groaned.

Roc put whipped cream all on his friend's...'thingy'. Roc mosited his mouth and started licking it off and once it was off he took all of him in his mouth sucking and gagging.Ray curled his toes squriming.

"CHRESSY!"Ray yelled and grabbed his bed sheets feeling the 'evil' building inside his body.

Roc was scared to take the 'evil' full on but as soon as it shot he took it all. Some of it dripped out his mouth. Ray sat up and pecked it away and licked his lips. Roc swallowed.

"Evil taste good...I mean your evil."Roc blushed.

Ray blushed and kissed Roc. Roc giggled.

"Come on give me a taste."Ray whined.

They laughed and started kissing again trading the taste of Ray's well as we know cum but what they know 'evil'. They pulled away from the kiss.

"Welll what did we do again after we traded taste of evil?"Roc asked.

"I stuck my thingy in you and moved."Ray said.

"I have a newer idea! Okay you sit and I squatt on top of your thingy and you put in me and I bounce on you like a ride."Roc said.

Ray smiled and sat as Roc squatted over his well dick but once again the children were being children and so they called it a 'thingy'. Ray helped Roc put his 'thingy' in him which took at least 5 minutes.

Ray looked up at Roc.

"What now?"Ray asked.

"I guess I bounce..-"

"Oooo like a cowboy! Roc is you ride my thingy you'll be a cowboy!"Ray smiled.

"And your my pony!"Roc giggled and started bouncing.

all silliness went absent. Their faces became serious...like a man's serious working face. 

Ray gasped as their balls smacked together. Roc moaned out. It was all to much.

"Bounce faster Roc! Your pony wants it faster!"Ray groaned.

Roc bounced faster. Ray licked and sucked on Roc's nipple making it all the better for them both. 

"Move you pony! Your a bad pony!"Roc yelled in Ray's face.

Ray started thrusting up meeting with the bounces. It was soon like a kiddie ride...a really inapropriate ride. Ray grabbed on Roc's waist and pushed him down doing small thrust but very hard. This froced Roc to bounce quicker and hard and faster.

"RAY! You're a good pony!"Roc screamed.