The night of the particle accelerator changed my life. It made me the superhero I am today. But lets go 2 days before it.
I was on my way to mercury labs when I stopped Jitters. I looked at my phone as I was going in, then someone bummed into me and poured their coffee on my shirt. "Ahh!" I said. My eyes got watery. Great here coms the water works. "I'm so sorry" a man said. I looked up it was Barry. "Skye! I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention" he apologized. "It's ok I like having coffe dumped on me" I said sarcastically. He laughed, then grabbed a napkin box. He pulled some out and tried getting it out. But he was making it worse. "You aren't helping" I said. He ignored me and kept trying. "Barru it's okay it doesn't hurt anymore. I've been through worse. Like one time I broke my nose and I was only 8" I said. "Well I didn't break it a kid sat on the back of my head long story" when I get talking I can't stop. He laughed. "What's so funny?" I asked.  "You". Then Iris came up to me. "Iris!" I screeched.  "Hey Skye" Iris said. I haven't seen her in 2 years. "How have uou been?" she asked. "Good, having a gathering to watch the particle accelerator go off" I said. "Speaking of that you guys what to come?" I asked. "Sure" Iris said. "I get off my shift at 7 so I will be there after it goes off" Barry said. "It's okay I'm having a party after" I said. I smiled and bushed then he did the same thing. "Ew please don't flirt in front of me" Iris said leaving. I looked at the floor embarrassed. You tell ut was awkward like walking into a room and everyone stops talking.
The day of the particle accelerator
I was getting ready for my party. Drinks in fridge snacks on table chairs outside to watch it. Good all I need. I go for a jog and a guy falls over on the sidewalk. I help get his blueprints.  Then I notice it's the particle accelerator.  "Cool the particle accelerator! I'm watching it go off tonight. I'm Skye" I said. "Cisco Ramon" he said. "Do you work in S.T.A.R labs?" I asked. "Yeah with the Dr. Harrison Wells" he said. "Cool I've always dreamed of working with him, I work in the cross species lab in Mercury labs" I said. In my spare time I look over my parents murder. "Cool did you find anything?" He asked. "Classified" I said. "Well gotta head out" I said.
That night when it went off, it went in the air and I knew there was something worng. I told the party to get inside, but when a wave came filled with dark matter made a storm and I got hit by lightning 6 times. You know how you get zapped by pulling something out of am outlet, well multiply that by 100. Then you will know how it felt. After that I fell to the ground and Iris came up to me and screamed something but I didn't hear. Ny whole body was in pain, like a horse kicked my stonach 10 times then sat on me. I felt electricity surge through me. Then the world got blurry and then my eyes closed.

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