Without you-Ashes Remain

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I want to dedicate this to you Princess/Chase,you might left but I will never ever forget you.You told me this might be the last time we talked and I thought you might just leave for a month or two....Not for ever *rubs my eyes* I still can't accept it that you are not in this world anymore and it's just I keep telling myself;maybe they were wrong,maybe he didn't die.I wish that was true,but Its not.Cassie will miss you so much,who will be there for her when she needs someone?Cameron will miss you,he loved when you two prunk one another.I will miss you so much *tears up* Cameron once asked me to fix you...I tried,i really did..I wish I have done more but....I miss you so much...

  Underneath the cold November sky
I'll wait for You
As the pages of my life roll by
I'll wait for You
I'm so desperate just to see Your face
Meet me in this broken place

Hold me now
I need to feel You
Show me how
to make it new again
There's no one I can run to
And nothing I could ever do
I'm nowhere if I'm here
without You

Even if You take it all away
I'll wait for You
Even when the light begins to fade
I'll wait for You
I'm so desperate calling out Your name
Meet me in this broken place

I'm tired of running
and wrestling with these angels
I lay down
my life and I surrender  

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