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The Monster in HIM

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I was finally discharged but Cassandra had to stay, she was put under a medical induced comatose so that her body may heal without reppercussions.

I am very hesitant to leave my wife in a hospital that is why I requested for her to be moved at home, nurses will be living in for awhile to check up on her condition, doctors will visit everyday with their own time schedules.

Medicine and all that is needed is brought in, I had people prepare the guest room. Had the sheets changed to her favorite ones and I kept the curtains parted in the early mornings because I knew she would've loved the morning sun.

Pulling a comfortable cushioned chair beside her bed, I took her hand in mine. Her soft hands that had a certain coldness to them, I pulled her hand to my lips and placed a longing kiss.

I longed to hear her voice again, her laugh when she watches Impractical Jokers on TV, the way her eyes twinkled when she looked at me hungrily.

I longed to see my wife moving around the kitchen, even lounging in the living room. I missed her watching me dress up for work then her coming up to me, just to fix my tie properly and kiss me on the lips telling me she loved me.

I longed for her.

"Hey.." I whispered as I stared into her unconcious state, I couldn't bare looking at her like this.

"Don't keep me waiting, come back to me...." I sobbed, holding her hand tightly my sobs turned to cries, I kept mumbling I'm sorry but I knew she wouldn't hear it.

A knock pulled me out of my moment, looking up I saw Oliver standing there and looking at me knowingly.

"I can't leave her alone." I looked at him pleading, he smiled sadly and took a step back.

"Mrs. Harper is here to visit." As soon as he said that, Darcy poked her head behind him and waved her hand while she smiled.

I stood up and walked towards her, pulling her in a tight hug I cried. I heard her sigh and wrap her arms around me, patting and rubbing my back soothingly.

"It's not your fault Logan, I know you. You're blaming yourself and you know deep down it really is not your fault." She leans her head against my shoulder and cried, she misses her the same as I.

"Logan.." Another voice called, making me look up at Mason who stood by the doorway with a sad smile gracing his face.

He came close and pulled me in a man hug, tapping my back repeatedly.

"Cee is right, this isn't your fault Logan. We're going to make them pay." Mason's soft look turned stone hard, he was angry.

Did they make the truck driver confess?

"What do you mean?" I glared at Mason and he sighed, looking at his wife and Oliver he then turned his attention back to me.

"We need to talk somewhere private." He walked out and I followed on suit and Oliver behind me.

We ended up in my home office, Mason gestured me to take a seat and I did so behind my desk. Oliver handed some files over to Mason and he in return reviewed them for a second before placing them on my table, infront of me.

I am a man walking on hellfire, I glared at everyone who came my way. My secretary came asking for a signature on some papers.

"Bring them to the office." I ordered her, calling on to my PA, I told her to contact all department managers for a meeting at 4pm.

I just stayed in my office for a few hours in the morning and went out by lunchtime to pay a visit to a certain family.

"Oliver, to the Russell's manor." I grunted and he started the car, looking out of the heavily tinted windows of my car I thought of Cassandra, was she doing any better today?

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