4. The Man With Horns

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Four weeks later

Isaac Frye

3rd person view

Johnny drag Bethany outside the airport and jump up the pickup" What took you so long? " Cierra asked.

" I had to talk about stupid Phillippine Art History, With John " Bethany said in an annoyed tone.

" Johnny?...... Or..... John Paul " Fiona asked.

" The second one " She said.

" First. Phillippine History is NOT Lame " Jane said in her sassy voice.

" Second. The Phillippines is NOT stupid either " Angelo joined in.

" And Third. Art Is Awesome! " Fiona said, the A.G ( adventure gaming ) were sitting at one side, while the V.T ( venturiantale ) were at the other.

Fiona started sing on the way, a tone the V.T does not know.

na dyios natin dyios ng Pagibig~
Magmamahalan tayo'y

Kahit tayo'y Bigo~
Ang siyang kumulin
Kase, May dyios tayong

Jordan was so frustrated with curiosity that the song Fiona was sing, Jane Johnny and angelo started singing along.

What are they singing?!

All four siblings said in their thoughts. When the song was done. " Hey guys. What was that song? " Cierra asked.

" It's title is called Pagibig " Johnny said.

" Yeah, it's a Filipino song that was traditionally made for masses in the Philippines " Angelo said.

" How come you guys know SO much about the Phillippines? " Isaac asked curiously.

" Because we lived our whole 15 years at the Phillippines. We're true Filipinos. And, we used to sing this old song back at 2015 " Jane explained.

" Since it's already 2030. Doesn't that mean, you still remember that very old song? " Jordan asked , the four gave him a 'duhh'.

" Besides. The tone never fades, until now that's a traditional song still being played at the masses every Sunday's at the Phillippines " Fiona said while sing the song Pagibig.

" What does Pag-Ibig mean? " Bethany asked.

" It means Love " .

Time skip

When the pickup stopped right in front of the Frye house, siblings got off, Edward helped some of them down, Jordan went up to Fiona's Pocket and inserted something she wasn't aware of, Johnny personally gave Bethany his number, and Angelo had too baby talk with Fiona last night on how to give a girl a number. And he managed to give it to her after the whole day.

When all of them got home, they went to their separate rooms and dialed the numbers. Well except for Fiona, she still haven't noticed the paper, until the end of a video they made, she looked at her pocket and found the paper.

09647553820 ( Jordan )

Call me 💜

P.S I think that was your Older Brother who was driving. Right?

When she saw this she giggled uncontrollably, just like the time when it still used to be Fiona And Edward. But, turned to Edward and Jasmine to Fiona, Johnny, Angelo And Jane. Mostly everyone heard this and the others didn't even bother to check on her except for Ed who came rushing in and asking her if she's okay, she said fine and he got from his Protective Bro to Normal pips.

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