28: Worst nightmare/You wouldn't dare/Haven't you done enough!

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We have two week left until school is officially over I hope it goes slow because i really don't want to get pregnant that would just be the worst! I do love kids but....i just don't want to have kids now i'm to young i can barley take care of myself anyways right now i'm getting dressed for school (Outfit on top) I grabbed my fake glasses. i have know idea where Chris is i woke up this morning and he wasn't there shame......I curled my hair put some makeup on and went downstairs. 

Layla: Chris are you home?! 

No answer. 

i decided to call him i called him once he didn't answer i called him again he finally decided to answer his damn phone. 

Chris: Hello? 

Layla: Chris?! where the fk are you?! 

Chris: I had to meet up some friends why? 

Layla: well mister smartypants we have fking school now get home now so we can go we have finals dumb ass. 

Chris: Alright Alright I'm coming Gosh calm your tits down. 

Layla: fking ass hole. with that a hung up 

after it felt like hours that ass face decided to show up i grabbed my bag and phone and went into the car i didn't even want to talk to him i don't even know whats wrong with me the moment i woke up i was mad oh well. 

Chris: whats up with you why are you so mad? 

Layla: I don't even know the moment i woke up i was already mad so don't make me angrier or i swear to god your sexy face is going to be ruined! 

Chris: Okay, Okay calm down i didn't know you thought my face was sexy. 

Layla: Chris i swear to god! i will ruin your face. 

Chris: jeez you need to calm the fk down. *chuckle* 

i rolled my eyes decided not to answer ass hat we finally made it to the school i got out of the car i kind of felt bad for what i did to Chris so i turned around walked towards him i had to apologies. 

Chris: Yes layla? 

Layla: I just wanted to apologies for being a pain in the ass to you. 

Chris: No you don't have to it's fine. 

Layla: i still want to apologies I'm sorry Chris. 

Chris: it's fine go now i love you. 

Layla: I love you too. with that we kissed i pulled away said goodbye to him and went to my locker 

while i was at my locker i felt a tap on my shoulder i turned around and saw Candice and her two little hoes. but hey I'm not complaining she looks at me up and down rolls her eyes and trust me you can tell she is wearing contacts. 

Candice: well well look what we have here girls. the two girls giggled   

Layla: Candice leave me alone and take your little hoes with you please. I really don't have time for you shit! 

Candice: I'm not here to start a fight i'm here to show you something. 

Layla: And what is there to show me? 

Candice: Look. she pointed at a girl wearing a very very short skirt i looked at her and saw it was Kasey. My jaw dropped. 

Layla: Kasey Wtf?! 

Kasey: well Layla do you like how i look. 

Layla: Kasey why are you doing this? 

Kasey: you have something i want.

Layla: and what is that something you want?

Kasey: Chris! 

Layla: Okay well that shows your jealous. and Plus im not scared of you. 

Kasey: Oh you better watch your back because i'm you worst nightmare! 

(Chris Pov) 

i was walking until i felt someone stopping me. i looked up and saw my worst enemy Derek Harrison. i just wanted to punch him in the face for touching me. 

Chris: Wtf do you want?! 

Derek: i want you to give me your little wife.

Chris: you wish! you are not going to take someone else away from me! 

Derek: oh well you will see do you remember what i did to your other girl i will do the same to her it's very easy. 

Chris: Stay away from her! im warning you! 

Derek: I can't wait to touch her sexy body. 

Chris: you wouldn't dare! 

Derek: oh yes i would Chris. 

Chris: haven't you done enough aren't you tired of making people suffer?! 

Derek: Let me think.......Nah. with that he walked away 

i really need him away from Layla i really don't want to lose her. I don't even want to think of losing her. I should go see her now! 

Sorry I haven't been updating my school is getting serious so I'm focusing on that right now. and i'm sorry it was short. anyways hope you enjoyed this Part i will see you guys with another part peace!       

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