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The alarm clock went off with a shrill whine that could wake the dead at 7 a.m.

"Ugh"  Alashie says to herself through a yawn.  " I just went to sleep 2 hours ago.  Snooze"

Five minutes later another shrill whine.


A couple of minutes later a voice yells from outside the bedroom.  "Allie.  Get up or you'll be late for school."



"OK Mom!"

Alashie rolls to the end of her waterbed and blinks absently at the mass of lights winking on and off all over her room. " Looks like fucking Christmas in here.  Blinds.".  Sunlight from the east facing window illuminates the room.  Alashie's cramped bedroom looks like a tiny lab.  Gadgets and pieces of gadgets lie strewn about.  On the desk a computer with 4 17 inch monitors sits humming.  Alashie basks her face in the sunlight and catches a quick glimpse of the factory district with high rise glass buildings dotting the skyline behind it before she gets up and crosses to her bathroom.  "Lights." She says through another yawn.  The light reflects off the stainless steel and faux marble laminite  making Alashie squint.  "Sink. Hot.  45%."  She cups her hands under the faucet and splashes the water in her face.  Looking into the mirror she notices bags underneath her electric purple eyes.  One of a kind eyes. Almost one of a kind.  Her dad's eyes.  Her mocha skin is starting to show some early signs of acne and her microbraids definitely needed redoing.  "Shhhiit" she says taking in her reflection.



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