The Birthday Gift- A Short Story

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It was mam's birthday today, and i have no idea what to get her. I run up the down the cold isles, passing by many merchants as i go. I haven't got the most money, but i wanted to get her a gift to show that i care.

From what i thought would take only a few hours, turned into an entire morning... then afternoon of shopping. She would worry for me, like she always have. Maybe she was baking those cupcakes that i love so much. My stomach cringes at the thought of this.

I finally stop buy this old woman with a box of jewelry. Poor her, i thought to myself, she must have only a few years left. I almost cursed out loud at such a devilish thought, but i continued to buy a nice Pearl necklace anyways.

After obtaining the gift i take a long walk home, fingering the beads in my hands. It wasn't long before i passed by the Children's Hospital. I stop and stare at the windows and see a child wave at me. I waved back. 

After standing there for what seemed forever a cold breeze shook me and i remembered about my final destination. I also realized that i dropped the necklace during my daydreaming-- if you consider the large, pale moon as day.

I picked up the gift and rubbed the dirt off of it, being careful not to ruin it in any way. It was starting to det really dark and dangerous, so i made the rest of the way back home.

When i got to the door i realized that i left the keys inside. I smiled. How silly of me. Being careful not to make much noise, i slid the necklace into my coat pocket and knocked 3 times.

That's strange. No one answered. 

I rubbed the door handle in anticipation of the sound of locks being undone, but instead the door groaned open. 

My eyes grew wide. An old lady was lying on the floor; her arms bent out of proportion and her neck unaligned. This was the same old lady that raised me from birth, and gave me gifts when i was young.

I ran over to her body, and it was warm; her flesh still as bright as the setting sun. She had only died a few minutes before.

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