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Pen Your Pride


"Shit! Shit!" Tay paced around the room. She was already changed. "What are we going to do. Mike just fucking walked in on us!"

"Calm down." I stood up slipping on my bikini bottoms. "We'll find a way to figure it out. Don't worry about it for now"

Her voice cracked "How can I not worry! He's waiting right behind that door. We can't stay in here all day. We're gonna have to face him!"

*knock knock knock*

"Ladies," Mikes voice was muffled by the door "Come out. We need to talk."

I sighed and fastened my bikini top. I approached Tay, taking her face between my hands "We have to go out and face this, okay, but remember. I'll always be here for you. No matter what."

She gave a small nod and followed me to the door.

When I opened it, I saw Mike standing in the front lounge with a monster in hand. Vic and Hime sat on the sofa across from him.

Tay grabbed my arm and squeezed. I could tell she was thinking what I was thinking. Not just Mike, but Vic and Jaime knew too!

"Take a seat" Mike gestured his long tattooed arm to the other sofa. We cautiously accepted it.

"Now lets see here," he passed up and down the front lounge sipping at his monster "today has been quite interesting. I have discovered two secret relationships."

Jaime and Vic hung there heads in Shame.

We're they? Noooo!! What! They we the other relationship!

"First off" I could tell by the sassy sarcasm in his voice he was enjoying this "I find my biological brother and my band brother eating each others faces off. Something they've apparently been doing for a while without telling anyone!"

He paused, most likely for dramatic affect.

"Then, right as I'm about to have a heart to heart with the gay lovers, I catch you two eating each other. Like literally eating! By the way... Daymn girl. You two are hot!"

The sound of him crushing his now empty can of monster before binning it filled the bus.

He turned to Vic and Jaime.

"You two. We'll talk properly later. As a band, I want you to tell Tony. Either you do it or I will. But for the record, I love you guys no matter what. And I think you make a cute couple. I know you'll make my bother happy, Hime."

The guys hugged it out. Vic looked so proud of his brother for accepting his life choices.

Vic and Hime left the bus leaving Tay and I to face what ever Mike has to say to us.

Silently, he sat where his brother had previously been sitting and looked us both in the eyes.

"Now you two." He rubbed his hands together "first of all, if I hadn't just caught Vic and Hime and you two not been on tour with us, I totally would have joined in. I would of made a hot threesome out of it."

I noticed him wink. Does that mean he'd still have a threesome with us if we offered?

"So tell me. How long had this been going on and why the secrets?"

We told him everything. Told him from playing spin the bottle to the kiss after the show right up to him walking in on us. It felt good letting it all out. It was nice having someone know.

He nodded. "I think you should tell your bands about this and, just so you know, I will have to tell Vic and Hime what's happening with you two. They're gonna ask anyway. That means Tony will probably find out too."

Tay and I nodded. We were relived Mike didn't freak out.

I felt like him finding us hot together was a compliment but not 100% sure.

After a bit of convincing, Mike managed to get us into the sea with the rest of the boys. It was a good laugh and my bikini remanded on at all times.

A/N: sorry, this chaper started off amazing then got rubbish at the end. :s

How's everyone liking it so far?

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