Shower (dirty)

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Imagine for Keyanna (dirty) :

As soon as the bell rings and school is over, you get in the car and text Justin. ‘Hey babe, I’m coming over again. Be there in a few <3’. You turn your phone off and start driving to Justin’s huge house in California.

Once you get there, you can’t find Justin’s car. You walk inside anyways – using the key he hid for you – and set your things down inside. You walked over to the kitchen, where you find a note that says:

Hey babe, I knew you’d probably come over so I left this. I’m out getting Chinese food for us tonight. Love you, be back soon xx

You set the note down and smile. He knew Chinese food was your favorite. You decide to go upstairs and take a quick shower before Justin gets back.

As soon as you’re in Justin’s bathroom, you strip down until you’re fully naked. You turn the water on and set it so it’s just the right temperature. You get in and close your eyes, feeling how good the warm water feels falling against your shoulders, your back. School has really stressed you out lately, and you had a lot of pain in your shoulders. You grabbed your body gel and slowly rubbed it along your shoulders, when you suddenly felt a pair of arms wrapped around your waist. Your eyes snapped open.

You heard Justin’s low chuckle as you jumped. “It’s alright, it’s just me babe.”

“Goddamnitt, Justin! You scared me! What are you doing?!” you ask, turning around to look him in the eye. You tried to look mad, but that smile on his face made your face soften up. He was so happy to see you.

“Well, I called for you and you didn’t answer,” he began. “So I came to look for you. I hope you don’t mind...the door was unlocked...”

“Yeah I kinda do mind,” you said, making your voice sound fakely annoyed. “Showers = personal time.”

You heard Justin laugh. “Here, let me help you with that,” he offered, taking the gel bottle out of your hands. He put some on his hands and turned you around. He slowly rubbed the gel along your shoulders and back. You sighed at how good it felt. You knew Justin was smiling without even having to look at him.

“God babe, you’re so tense,” he said. He stopped rubbing the gel on you and started kissing your neck. “I’ll loosen you up.” His hands moved to your waist – well one did, the other one wrapped around your body and found your clit. He slowly rubbed it in small circles, making you let out a small moan. He rubbed all along your vagina and it felt so good, but this was weird. Justin hasn’t ever acted like this. I mean, you guys have changed in front of each other and stuff, but you’ve never touched each other while completely naked.

It was a good weird, though. You liked it.

“Hey,” you whispered, turning around and wrapping your arms around his neck. He continued kissing your neck, now from the front. His fingers never moved from around clit.

“Hmm...” he mumbled. You continued and asked, “What’s up with you today? You’ve never acted like this...” suddenly you felt Justin stick a finger into your entrance, but still rubbing along your clit. “Ohh J-Justin!” You moaned. It felt so good, words couldn’t even explain.

“So,” he started to say, moving his lips from your neck and looking in your eyes, fingers still in the same place. “What’d you say again?”

“I said, what’s up with you? You’ve never acted like this before.” He slowly moved his fingers and set them back on your waist. You quickly let out, “No, Justin I want you to! I’m just wondering, that’s all.”

He smiled into your eyes and said, “I just realized today how lucky I am to have you. I want to show you how much I love you babe, can I? Please can I show you how much I really love you?” he did that thing with his eyes that knocked you breathless. He smiled his dazzling smile again.