"We go together or we don't go at all."

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Chris's point of view

"Chris, hey dude its time to wake up." Someone told me and I groaned. "You need to wake up. We have people coming to adopt."

"I'm never even looked at so go away." I grumbled and my best friend sighed. "I just want to sleep."

"No on looks like me either, but you need to wake up." He chuckled half heartedly and I sighed. "Please?" He asked and I nodded.

"Fine. I'll be out in a bit." I mumbled and he nodded. I heard my door close and I sat up, irritated as strans of pink hair fell in my face.

I didn't want it pink. It's not that I didn't like the color, it's pretty, but I much rather have my natural hair color of brown. Some people just thought it'd be funny to dye the queer's hair a 'feminine' color, if no one could tell, it wasn't funny, at least for me.

I stood up and then took off my sweats and tank-top, my movements sluggish since I was still so tired. I walked to the mirror in my underwear and sighed as I forced a brush through my long hair.

I didn't like my long hair, I hated it in fact. On anyone else it may have looked beautiful, but for me, I just wanted to chop it all off. I wanted it gone.

When I finished my hair, I pinned it up to the point where if I had a hat on, you wouldn't see it. I went to my dresser and yanked out a pair of black semi-tight jeans with a plain white t-shirt. I unclipped my bra immediately and then threw it on the floor by my bed.

I hated bras, but most girls did, didn't they? That's why most people just don't understand my dislike for them. I don't even want to have boobs. They're irritating and they disgust me because everytime I moved, it was a reminder that I was someone I didn't want to be.

I pressed my hands flat against them, a long sigh escaping my lips as I turned sideways. How much better would it look if they weren't there? How much more confident would I be if I just didn't have them at all? A hell of a lot, is the answer.

I bit back the tears and grabbed the binder that I hid under all my clothes inside of my dresser. I pulled it on and then adjusted it so it was more comfortable, taking a few deep breaths to get used to the pressure.

I looked at myself in the mirror once more and smiled slightly, though it was still sad. I shouldn't have to do this all the time. I shouldn't have to put this on nearly every day just so I could feel comfortable.

I grabbed the plain t-shirt and then pulled it over my head. It wasn't even mine. It was my friend's. He understood that I hated the tight shirts I were given and said I could borrow some of his, which were longer, looser, and more comfortable. 

I laced on some black converse after I put some socks on and then I stood up, standing up straight with my shoulders pushed back. I grabbed a black snapback and I put it on, hiding away my long hair.

I looked in the mirror and smiled smally to myself. This was the closest I could get to who I want to be, to who I am. Binding and hiding. That's it.

It'll probably stay that way forever too.

I opened the door and went to the girls bathroom because 'you were born a girl, so you have to use the girls' bathroom and stay in the girls' hall'.

I opened the door and washed my face quickly before using some mouthwash to rid me of my nasty breath. I had 'lost my toothbrush', so I had to ask the caretaker to get me a new one but she hasn't gotten me one. It didn't matter to her, after all, she thinks of us less like human beings, and more like just another check.

I didn't lose it... some kid decided to clean his shoes with it.

I stepped out of the bathroon and then put my hands in my pockets. "Chris!" My best friend, Gabe, called as he saw me. I smiled and he gave me a half hug. "The people should be here any second."

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