The Worst Day Ever

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Storm never thought her day could get any worst than a few kids picking on her but she was wrong.

Storm walked into her room, sitting at her vanity. She stared at the busted lip and black eye she recived earlier that morning. She should've known, her smart mouth always gets her in trouble.

She sighed, gingerly touching her black eye. "A little bit of makeup should fix this... mostly." Her makeup had always helped her through these situations. She grabbed her eyeshadow, concealer, foundation and powder and set it out for the next day.

Her eyes return to her reflection. Her straight blonde hair fell in loose curls past her shoulders. Her green eyes were red from crying and her porcelain skin was pink and spotty.

"Great," she muttered. "How am I going to explain this one?" She decided to deal with it later, she yawned and stretched her arms over her head. Taking one last look at her new found prize, she gets up heading to her closet. If she was going to get a lecture about her smart mouth, she was at least going to be comfy.

She quickly sheds her skinny jeans and band tee, slipping into short shorts and a tank top, pulling her hair into a high ponytail.

After changing she heads to the kitchen, where her mother is making dinner. "Hey mom." she says opening the fridge. "Don't you dare Storm, I'm making dinner right now an-" she turns and looks at Storm "Seriously? Another one, don't you ever learn?" Her mother says, shaking her head

"I was just stating my opinion on music and the girl just happened to be a gross One Direction fan." She shrugs, grabbing a bottle of water and heading into the living room to watch American Horror Story.

About 30 minutes later, a car pulled in the driveway. Her dad was home from work. She sighed it was his turn to lecture her. She heard the front door open and her father's hardy laugh as her younger brother Nathan clung to his leg.

She knew her mother would tell her dad about the black eye so she turned off the TV and waited. There was hushed talking in the kitchen and then heavy footsteps into the living room as her father came into sight.

"Again Storm? Why can't you keep your comments to yourself for once?" He huffed at her. "Dad you know that wasn't how I was brought up, it's my opinion and the other girl didn't like it. Nothing could've been done." She shrugged, taking a drink from her bottle.

Her father pinched the bridge of his nose. "For once I wish you'd watch what you say so this doesn't happen."
Storm looked at him shaking her head "I'll try and do better, but in the mean time, let's eat."

Dinner was mostly quiet except for Nathan's story about the bug he found outside. After what seemed like hours Nathan's story ended along with an awkward dinner full of worried glances at her eye, she headed for her room to get what she hoped was a good night's rest.

Storm changed quickly into her normal nighttime wear, an old band tee and a clean pair of shorts. She crawled quickly into her bed, cuddling under the warm blanket. She begins to doze off, not knowing what the night held for her.

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