Dear Waverly Aficionados,

Here is the full manga of Chapter 3 drawn by the amazing kitkatz4evr! I absolutely love it and have been waiting a while to share it with you. As today is Valentine's Day, it seemed the perfect occasion to dive in and see the magic unfold as everyone's favorite mermaid/vampire couple, Pierce and Waverly (or Paverly), meet on her first day of school. Enjoy!

Love you guys!



If you liked the drawings, please don't forget to VOTE

If you liked the drawings, please don't forget to VOTE. I'm pretty sure if you don't vote, sharks will find you and nibble your toes. But if you do VOTE, awesome stuff happens, like angels sing, the earth continues to spin on its axis, and there will be rainbows. RAINBOWS I SAY!


And if you have some MATVWLT fanart you'd like to share, please let me know. I LOVE fanart and try to post it whenever I can.

Thank you again kitkatz4evr!!!

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