"Siri, delete Mom from my contacts."

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"Siri, delete Mom from my contacts." I hissed. 'Done.' Read the reply.

     It started as any 'normal' day would. I woke up, yawned, checked my phone for any texts, went to the bathroom and started to put on liquid foundation. Then came the powder, the eye shadow, the eyeliner, the lipstick and finally the lipstick. Next thing I knew, I had put on a pound. I looked into the mirror and sighed. I still didn't like my appearance. 'Maybe you could just skip school today, and not worry about your appearance.' I thought to myself. 'No, I can't let this depression get the best of me!' I encouraged myself. I walked out of the bathroom and into my bedroom and away to the closet I went.

     After getting dressed I realized how late I was. "It's already 6:28am!?" I shouted at my phone, as though it would reply back. I gripped my shoes and raced out into the living room. 'Two minutes.' I whispered to myself. I tied my right shoe, and then my left. I looked back on the table to not see my phone. 'My bed,' I thought. I ran back into my room, grabbed my phone, out of the corner of my eye I saw my blue jacket on the end of the bed, and proceeded to grab that too. 

     I opened our front door and before I took a step noticed it had snowed, and the stairs were covered in a thin layer of ice and snow. I closed the door behind me and put one foot in front of the other, carefully, trying my best not to slip and fall. I got to the end of the driveway and got a notification on my phone. 'Jeannette tagged you and 2 others in a post' read the Facebook notification. Glancing up at the top of my phone, I saw the time and realized I didn't have enough time to read it. I shut my phone off, put my headphones in and walked as fast as possible up the street and to the bus stop.

     When I got onto the bus I sat next to a close friend, Najiah (Na-juh). I pulled my phone out of my pocket and noticed I only had 10% left! I charge my phone every night to make sure this didn't happen. I must of pulled it out of the outlet by accident. I mentally cursed myself for not grabbing the outlet piece, I have the cord, but what use is it if I don't have the outlet part? I remembered my laptop at school had an USB port so I could plug it in at school and charge it then. Now, I just have to make that 10% last for the rest of the bus ride to school.

     When I got to school I grabbed my laptop from last hour, then went to Algebra 1. I took my assigned seat and began to work on the warm-up. After the warm-up, I plugged my phone in and it began to charge. I usually don't have my phone out in class, except to use a calculator, but I was tempted to pull it out and see what my mother had tagged me in, and with who she had tagged me with.  I push that thought to the back of my head as the teacher passed by me and put a worksheet in front of me.

     When lunch time came I got into line and began to pull out my phone to look at the post, but my boyfriend came up to me and hugged me. I think it's rude to be on your phone when your with certain people, he was one of them. While the line kept moving, him and I kept talking. I sat by him at out regular lunch table and when he was talking to one of his friends, I pulled my phone out unlocked it and looked closely at the post.

     My mother tagged me and my two others sisters in a picture saying how much pain she was in that it made her unable to spend time with her kids. That's it...I was done with her. She can't keep taking credit for raising her kids when she's in Georgia. I'm done, I want her out of my life!

I hold down the home button on my phone, and say the words I should have when she first abandoned me. "Siri, delete Mom from my contacts." I hissed. 'Done.' Read the reply.

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