Chapter Twenty Seven

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Things went back to normal for the most part after Molly and Arthur returned home. Anora and Charlie continued their work in the sanctuary, helping some of the younger dragons along with the disabled elders to get through the especially rough winter.

One elder in particular was having a rough time as the Swedish Short-Snout that called the sanctuary home after losing vision in one eye. Charlie and Anora never got the full story of how the dragon lost the eye, but the burn marks revealed it hadn't been accidental. The dragon wore her scars like badges of honor and even though she had finally lost vision in both eyes, she held her place respectfully among the younger dragons.

However, the other elders didn't seem to enjoy her company anymore, as she rendered" weak" compared to them. Casting her away from the warmth of the group, Anora had found the dragon isolated in a snow drift attempting to find some sort of shelter.

Afraid that the dragon may up starving and freezing to death with no sense of defense, Anora and Charlie began to help the dragon. The dragon in the beginning was rather stubborn, lashing out at the two workers constantly. Both young adults had the scars and bruises to prove it. But with Roscoe setting himself in between them to offer some sort of protection, the elder began to soon realize that Charlie and Anora were only trying to help.

They had to go about everything very slowly. If they spooked the dragon she would for sure try to attack them with fire or her tail. She especially liked using her fire to defend herself or attack, something her breed was known for.

She was the only Swedish Short-Snout in the entire sanctuary as it was a rare breed to come across in Romania. The breed normally remained in the mountainous parts of Sweden. Anora figured the eye injury was part of the reason the dragon decided to stay behind in the sanctuary. Noted for their fire, the elder was able to emit powerful blue flames, that were amazing to observe....from very far away. Anora had suffered from third degree burns on her legs from getting too close one morning during feeding. A crack of a twig had alerted the dragon and led to the attack.

Charlie knew Anora was lucky that the burns she received were the only thing that happened. The dragon's flame was powerful enough to turn Anora's body and bones to ash.

They developed a system for the dragon, whenever they approached they would speak up to alert the dragon that is was them and Roscoe would approach first.

Roscoe had certainly come a long way in working with his handlers. Still not as mature as Charlie would have liked him to be, Roscoe did come in handy when it came to altercations with other dragons. But the young dragon still had his mischievous ways, like when he tripped Anora with his tail constantly or blew smoke in Charlie's face while the red head was trying to jot down notes.

Things were running smoothly with little excitement with the exception of working with dragons full time. Until one day, a letter addressed to Charlie appeared at the sanctuary carried by a familiar owl Charlie and Anora had grown up with.

Anora was in the kitchen trying to drink a cup of coffee and give Iggy some water. Charlie watched as she poured coffee into Iggy's bowl and added water to her mug. He walked over with a shake of his head and poured out Iggy's bowl into the sink.

"What are you doing?" Anora asked him.

"I don't think Iggy wants coffee.'

"What are you-" Anora peered into her mug and made a face. "Ooops."

Charlie chuckled before taking her mug and pouring the water out and giving her some coffee. He grabbed the water bowl and placed it on the side for Iggy to lap from.

Anora opened her mouth to speak when suddenly something slammed into the window startling the two of them.

"What in dragon mites was that?" Anora said.

"I dunno, it came from outside though." Charlie told her slipping on his boots.

Anora followed him out in only her socks to see Errol, the Weasley family owl, buried in the snow.

"Hey it's Errol." Charlie smiled.

"Poor thing." Anora frowned walking over and helping the bird up. "He's horrible at landing."

"I don't think he can see where he's landing." Charlie said picking up the letter Errol dropped.

"What's that?" Anora asked.

"It's from Ron."

"What does wittle Ronnie want?"

"For you to stop calling him that, is probably a starter." Charlie smirked as he opened the envelope. "Oh goodness."

"What? What is it?!" Anora hopped onto his back to look over his shoulder and read the letter.

"Oh..shit." Anora let the curse pass through her lips.

Charlie glanced over his shoulder at her. "Language."

"Sorry. But what is Hagrid doing with a dragon? Is he crazy?"

"What do you think?"

"AHOY!" The two saw Greg marching his way towards them. "Good morning."

"Mornin' Greg." they greeted him.

"What are you two up to?" Greg asked them taking in the scene of Anora still on Charlie's back with an unconscious owl next to them.

"Greg...I need to ask you for a big favor." Charlie told him.

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