Chapter Two.

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Chapter Two.

A year and a half. 547 days, and out of those 500+ days, I was with David for 180 of them. Each time we would go progressively further. Then he moved away. My worst fears came to surface. What do I do now? Who will be there for me. Who will get sexual with me. No one. So I looked for no one and no one looked for me.

The end of my freshman year was fast approaching. And I had my eye on someone the entire year, someone who became a good friend of mine. Some one I could joke with and be myself around. Tim Ketel. Seems like that name and his phone number have been engraved deep in my mind. So what do you do when your young and in “love.” You become impulsive.

“Yo, Tim. Wait up.” I was so nervous. I couldn’t look at him.

“Hey Gage, you wanted me? Im gonna miss my bus.” Tim looked worried, worried that someone might see me with him. But that’s not possible, no one knows im bisexual.

“Tim are you alright?” pure concern could be heard in my voice.

“Im fine, im just gonna go home. Ill talk to you later.” And Tim ran off.

Later that night I went home and got on my AIM screenname and saw he was on.

GaGexxxCrUzEr: howdy

Bsktballlover10: Hi.

GaGexxxCrUzEr: can we talk?

-now I get real nervous. I cant type. I cant tell him. It will ruin everything.-

Bsktballlover10: whatever. Just say it.

GaGexxxCrUzEr: I. uh, im bi.

GaGexxxCrUzEr: Tim?  You there?

Bsktballlover10: you’re a faggot. Don’t talk to me.

GaGexxxCrUzEr: please don’t say that tim. Please.

GaGexxxCrUzEr: tim. I like you. I really do, im sorry

Bsktballlover10 has signed off.

Shit ! Damnit! Im a fucking idiot. What the hell is wrong with me. Of course hes straight. God Gage you’re an asshole. What an idiot. Way to go, now everyone is going to know.

Well, maybe he had to go ? I tried to argue back to my conscious.

No you idiot. Hes gone. Peace out. Gone.

He cant be. Ill sign on a different screenname and see. i had to prove myself wrong, he can be gone.

Geo59012 signed in.

Add, screenname.


Bsktballlove10 has signed on.

Geo59012 has signed off. In heartbreak.

I woke up the next morning and looked for through all my new clothes. I wanted to look sexy today. Something nice and something noticable. Kinda hard when you’re a guy though.  I settled for a pair of dark wash Express jeans with my bright baby blue graphic express shirt. Then I threw on my Air Jordans and I was ready to go. Blue was my favorite color to wear, every time I wore it my eyes would become ever brighter than their natural color.

As soon as I walked into the doors of the school I could hear the rumors flowing.

“oh shit that’s him?!”

“he doesn’t look gay at all.”

“wow he’s a faggot.”


Yep. Long day ahead.

I sit in Digital Communications with my face blank. The worst part of this school, your classmates are with you from first period till tenth. Joy to the effing world.

Oh look here comes Cierra.

“Hey Gage, so your bi huh? I heard you like Tim.” She stared right through me as if I wasn’t even there.

I looked right into her eyes, “Yep, I looooove him. Got a problem?” I dared her to speak again.

“Nope, hey wanna go to Wawa?” she asked me out of the blue.

“Sure, im hungry anyway.” I told her as my stomach growled.

Yeah, our school has a Wawa, and a pool, and a automotive section. Its crazy.

“Sooo-“ Cierra asked dragging her o’s as long as she could. “You like Tim.”

“Was that a question or a statement ?” this girl is so annoying. I thought as I responded quietly.

“It was a statement, you know you’re going to get a lot of shit said to you about it. I want you to know im here for you. It’s the end of freshman year, people will forget about it over the summer.” She told me calmly like this stuff happened to her all the time.

“Really? Well I think your wrong. How often do you hear of a teenage boy professing his love to his classmate, who is a male as well?” I asked in a duh tone.

“Gage, it will be fine. Your crazy ass doesn’t care anyway. Your smiling right now.” She just looked at me. She thought for a minute. Then walked ahead of me.

She doesn’t know. Im smiling because I just thought of him. Of his smile, of everything he is. The green-blue eyes that I could never look into for long because I would get lost. The smile that would dumbfound me. His skinny legs, oh god. I don’t like him... I love him.

Author's Note: Sorry most of my chapters are a page or two. Even in my other story they are short. The reason being is that the introduction is just so you guys get a feel of the character's life. how he speaks, how he acts. the other people will come and go.

Also, i can update these stories quick for the time being. mostly because this story is half fiction, half non-fiction. im using my life as the main plot and the side stuff is created in my wonderous mind. but just wait. both stories get a little crazy soon. =]

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