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Kylie had known this was coming, her whole pack had.
The Alpha and his pack warriors were here. The guards had alerted the pack first, spotting the glowing amber eyes floated in the distance, blazing like fire.
The women and children ran towards the underground bunkers, at least they would be safe. Kylie knew she wouldn't survive long, The Alpha always made sure to kill the all alphas and any family, child or female, it didn't make any difference.
The clearing in which Kylie stood in had running wolves, some shifted others still on human form. The pack warriors, including the two alphas sons and the alpha Rioden himself among them.
Kylie had been given strict orders by her father, Rioden, to head to the underground bunkers. However, the blond haired, blue-eyed eighteen year old had decided to disobey her father for two reasons;

One; Being in the bunkers was risking the children and females lives.
Two; She would sooner kiss a leprechaun than miss a fight.

Breaking into a run, Kylie shifted into her wolf, a light golden colour. The other wolves who had joined the fight were already running towards the woods, snarling in anger, their wolves instincts to protect family heightened.
A few wolves tried to stop Kylie, noticing her scent. Running faster she dodged them.

It didn't take long before the invading packs wolves were close, spotting a smallish male, Kylie attacked. The sound of ripping flesh filled her ears accompanied by the help of pain. Feeling her opponents claws trying to scratch her belly, Kylie let go of him, going for his neck.
Unfortunately one of her brothers, Rivers, who was going to become alpha once their father stepped down, had noticed Kylie and had decided to intervene. The smallish wolf was instantly killed by Rivers in his large brown wolf form. Her brothers snarl translated to "Go back to the females or I might just tell dad"
If Kylies father hadn't been Rioden then this was nothing to worry about, but since Rioden is her father no doubt he wouldn't allow her out of his sight for the next few months.

A large grey wolf suddenly leapt onto Rivers, the wolves snarled and growled in a twisted heap. Rivers was clearing wanting her to go, almost pleading, something alphas don't do. Torn between helping her brother and doing as he said, she lingered. Rivers had managed to tear into the grey wolfs underbelly, their eyes locked momentarily, Kylie ran towards the woods.

Ryder watched in his wolf form, a huge black furred tower of muscle. The keen grey eyes watching his solider's kill Riodens wolves. The alpha and his sons in sight, the daughter however. One of his wolves had seen her but the eldest son had protected her. Sighing, Ryder set off, creeping silently through the woods, sniffing for the scent of a alpha female.

It wasn't long before he came across her scent, but there was more, sniffing more urgently, quickening his pace he searched for her. A wolf, larger than the average female came into view. Blood covered her golden fur, two of his wolves lay dead, the females whimpering was soft. Blood dripped off her, this time her own.
He approached her, needing more of her addictive scent.

Kylie's head snapped round, her body tensing as she took in the massive wolf. An alpha. The Alpha. He's come for her, to kill her. Strangely, part of her urged her to go to the wolf. Inhaling, the scent of wood and, spices filled her nose. Turning her body to face him, raising her hackles Kylie let out a vicious growl.
Clearly not liking her display, The Alpha slunk towards her, teeth bared, dominance pouring off of him.
The two wolves jumped at each other, bodies colliding, teeth snapping.

Ryder over powered the female easily. She wriggled, trying to get out from under him. Lowering himself, flattening her completely onto the ground, effectively leaving her immobile.
Small growls could still be heard. Irritated, he snapped dangerously close to her neck, pushing his stomach harder into her injured one, drawing whines.
Submit. Submit. Submit. Ryder chanted and so she did.

Kylie lay beneath the wolf, feeling his breath by her ear. The wound on her chest was causing her considerable pain. However, Kylie's thoughts were not on the hot, foul smelling breaths nor the large wound, what she was thinking went along the lines of somethings like this ;
Looking out of the corner of her eyes, she found, disturbingly, that The Alphas own steel grey eyes were staring back at her. 
Suddenly, a deep rich voice that sent ripples of shivers down her back sounded in her head.
Shift Now.
An order, not a request. Strangely, her body began to comply. No, No, No, Kylie thought, how was this happening? Her father is her alpha, not the beast on top of her. Unable to stop the change, a few seconds later Kylie lay naked under The Alpha.

Ryder stared down at the small female beneath him. Her long blonde hair spread out across the ground, dark blue eyes staring back at him. Beautiful. The wound on her stomach looked worse than it had before, Ryder felt the urge to protect her grow. No, this shouldn't be happening, but it felt right. Moving so that his head hovered over her stomach, never breaking eye contact, Ruder slowly let his long pink tongue slide out of his mouth and glide over the wound. The woman froze, clenching her hands into small fists. He repeated this until the skin began to meld together again.


Kylie shivered at hearing The Alphas voice again, despite it only being in her head. She watched as the large wolf trotted back into the Forrest, the stars and moon only providing a small amount of light. Sitting up, Kylie made a weak attempt to cover herself, pulling her legs into her chest, hugging them. The Alpha returned a few seconds later, in human form. How did Kylie know? The grey eyes staring into her own with a fierce intensity. The dark haired muscled man was simply breathtaking. Slightly tanned skin, a very defined jaw, high cheekbones. Just looking at him made Kylie feel weak all over. Although one question still remained:
Why hadn't he killed her yet?

Ryder stood in front of the naked female, lust creeping into his senses, part of him hated the fact that she had moved on of the deliciously vulnerable position . Shaking his head, trying to free rid himself of the feeling, Ryder focused in the task ahead. Although killing her had been his plan, something had made him change his mind, probably the fact that he felt like he had protect her, be with her, willing or not, she would be by his side.

Leaning down Ryder wrapped his hand around the females upper arm, ignoring the sensations traveling through his body, he pulled her roughly to her feet. She whimpered slightly, he didn't look at her, just began to tug her back to the cars. Every few seconds the female would try to jerk her arm from his hand, only making him tighten his grip. Annoyance began to build within him.

Kylie struggled, trying to work her arm out, with no success so far. Not trusting herself to speak around the very naked and very dominant Alpha. They were now deep within the Forrest, Kylie's panic rose even further as a dirt track came into view along with serval large black cars. The Alpha whipped his head around, giving her a withering glare.
"Stop. It." Clearly The Alpha didn't have a lot of patience. To her annoyance, she had to comply his order, allowing him to draw her to the cars.

Ryder opened the door, shoving her towards it, taking advantage whilst her back was turned, he hit the oblivious female on the back on the head, causing her to fall unconscious.

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