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He led me to the car and for once I followed someone, without any struggle.

Let's hope, I will not be killed now.


Chapter- Five

My eyes snapped open when I heard a scream, a toe curling scream.

And the first thing I saw was a white ceiling. My eyes wondered around and then I saw the air conditioner and the light green wall.

Where am I?

And then everything came to my mind like I was watching a trailer.

It felt like someone bumped their hammer against my head.

Man with a scar. Vitale with a gun. He called a car. Dante. I got into the car. And then I fell sleepy.

And now I'm here. What's this place called anyway?

That explains it! The scream. Maybe again Vitale was killing someone. After all, he seems to love killing people.

A criminal.

I froze when I heard voices and my grip on the blanket tightened.

Who is here? I wanted to shout but my reasoning ability acted and told me not to.

I slowly turned my head to my left and then I saw two men. They both were talking with each other, in Italian so I couldn't understand what they were talking.

I immediately closed my eyes again.

Who are they? Don't tell me they are here to murder me.

I tried to act like I was sleeping, considering I was a very poor actress.

Then I heard the door being opened.

"She is still asleep, aye?" Stranger number one asked.

Yes! I'm sleeping like a baby.

After a pause, someone replied, "Yeah, it does looks like,"

I could feel all of their gaze at me and it was making me uncomfortable. I turned my body around so that they wouldn't see me face.

My back was facing them, now.

"Boss is calling ya guys," the stranger number one told.

"Boss?" Whoever replied was either too scared or whoever this boss was- can kill people.

Who am I kidding?

The boss will kill people.

"Yeah.. You guys better go fast,"

After that I heard some 'yes' and then the sound of the door being slammed.

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