Yn and Roc Royal: Valentine's Day

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It’s Valentine’s Day morning and your morning starts off great after you read the good morning text he sent you that read:


I hope this made you smile. I want you to know that you’re 

the first person I think about when I wake up and also the

last person I think about right before I go to bed. You are

my world and you are the perfect girl for me. Your smile,

your eyes, your personality.. everything you do and that’s

about you is perfect. I love you and I can’t wait to see you

tonight ;-) 

You smiled all throughout that message. You decided to quickly call him to make sure that he knows you have read the message.

The phone rings it’s last ring:


Roc shouted in your ear.


You shouted back twice as loud.

Roc: So we are going out tonight right?

Y/N: Well I hope so, haha.

Roc: Where do you want to eat?

Y/N: Ruth’s Chris? 

Roc: Alright, good. Cause I already had dinner reservations to go there haha. I’ll pick you up at 6:15 if that’s fine? 

Y/N: Yeah, sure, whatever works. I can’t wait!

Roc: Okay baby, but aye I’m going to go and uh, get some stuff done and I will call you later.

Y/N: Okay bye, babe!

Roc: Haha, alright bye.

You hang up the phone and you throw it next to you on the bed. A few seconds later you reach for it and then realize that it’s 1 in the afternoon and you need to go out and get your nails done and pick an outfit for tonight. You then call up your best friend Samantha and ask her to be your shopping date for the day.

Samantha: Hey girl!

Y/N: Hey! I have a really quick question.. I need to pick an outfit for tonight but I don’t have anything in my closet that I want to wear. Want to go to Rodeo and spend some cassssshhhhh? 

Samantha: Haha girl you already know! Let’s meet up though because I’m already near Rodeo. 

Y/N: Okay, now?

Samantha: Yes!

Y/N: Alright, see you in a little bit!

You hang up the phone. 

You quickly do your makeup, put your hair in a sock bun, throw on a loose-fitted tank top with skinny jeans and sandals. You grab a Luna bar and a bottle of water on the go and you get into your car. While driving to Rodeo Drive, you daydream about what will happen tonight. You ask yourself: Will I lose my virginity tonight? Will we even go farther than a peck on the lips? Then you start getting excited even more. You pull up next to the parking meter and see Samantha talking to the store owner of Gucci. You get out, put the money in the meter and walk inside:

Y/N: (waving) Hey you guys!

Samantha and store owner: Hey!

You and Samantha hug. She pulls you away and grabs both of your shoulders and looks you deep in your eyes:

Samantha: Ready? AHHH!

Y/N: Yes!

You both shop for about two hours then you realized that it was 3:30. You tell Samantha that you would see her later and you immediately go to the nail salon. You asked for both your toenails and your fingernails to be a dark red.

An hour passed and you start to head home. While driving, you created a mental to-do list. You come home and do your routine.

It’s already 5:50PM. He should be coming in 25 minutes. You rip off any tags that remain on your clothes and the jewelry you bought.


Riiiiiiiiingggggggggg, riiiiiiiiiinggggggggggg

Your phone rings:

Y/N: Hello?

Roc: Babe, sorry I forgot to call. But I’m about two minutes away.. are you ready?

Y/N: It’s fine and yes I am, I’ll see you when you get here though, love you bye.

You start jumping up and down in excitement and then you realized that your hair was going to get messy so you stopped.

You get both of his Valentine’s Day presents and then you hear 3 sudden knocks on the door.

He’s here.

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